Wisdom - Theory and Practice - Repeating Patterns in Life

Repeating patterns in mathematics are called fractals. They can be seen everywhere in nature geometrically. But repeating thinks could be seen even in the human society in purely concepts of the human mind – created by the imagination of the Homo sapiens serving and to facilitate his life.

If you’ve studied mathematics and you have probably learned – the multiplication of matrices, you the calculations of integrals and differential equations, you’ve played around with complex formulas and even use real and imaginary numbers. Just calculate the square root of – 1. All this calculations and theories are born from very smart people that found that these abstractions describe our reality. But until you find how exactly the complex mathematics is linked to reality – all mind boring stuff is vague and meaningless.

Because – in practice – every movement, rotation of objects – how the hair falls down after a spin of the head – thanks to acceleration and gravity, how far a rock can go after being thrown, the shape of the body, the atoms, tha galaxies. All is mathematics but where is the practical use? The world needs practitioners – to materialize the theories of Einstein. In more close perspective – where do you actually use mathematics? In programming – the game graphics developers and designers or the chip makers that will try to speed up these calculations on a chip, or the machine learning specialists that try to recognize a cat on the picture. I personally have used the calculation of distance based on two GPS Geographic points (and this is actually super super minimal and simple).

In dancing – there is also theory. All the dances have some basic patterns – lead and follow, steps and hand movements, body movement, interpretation of music. This is the basis – for you to start practicing – to get your muscles to remember how to move. But a more real goal, more wisdom has – the combination of the theory and the practice – to achieving having fun. Sadly, as in every other place – there are ego fights – my dance style is better than yours, I move better than you, I do more complex combinations, etc. And that kills the purpose and the enjoyment through dances.

As a technical person I am looking at several places on internet that scratch the boundaries of what the computer can do with as little programming code as possible, with less or many times with more abstractions that optimize stuff in all kinds of ways – bandwidth, source code reuse, adaptability and so on. But all that programming and /coding, design patterns, frameworks and libraries are just theory in some sense. You’ve got to know hot to display properly the stuff you code – UI, how to present the motions of the logic UX, there are color combinations that mostly affect the user and direct him to where to click, tap, enter info, and so on. The wisdom is combining the above – to actually solve a/the problem of the user, not just simply make him think more, waste his time with tech stuff inapplicable to real life.

Business is about make money, not about – change the world for the better. There were tons of Ponzi schemes all over the world in the last century. And some continue to live and evolve and get different shapes to escape the non-aware mind. Even in the non-totally criminal ones, it does making the wheel spin and not actually improving the current situation of the world – which should be the idealistic goal of any action?

The wisdom here is that you don’t and you can’t. You just try to make the most of your essence – your skills, your abilities, to shape things – create, contribute some small piece but having the philosophical awareness how your thing adds up – to the whole picture – is it a solution to a problem or it just calms down the fires that arise from time to time. This is – being historically correct. And that will make the business – long term one.

Food is health – to know the how picture – ingredients, nutrients, the way plant and animals have grown or have been fed and nurtured so you’ll eat actually healthy food, and not pills, and chemically processed food packaged with a lot of marketing. is just the theory. The practice is to create the food yourself as more as you can. If not, to not stress too much, but to try to make the most of your environment by not eating the marketing bate.

The Attention has never changed – even before the Internet, even after it. The theory is – to archive something, to make the customer, the user – look at you, you must have their attention. This is done with logic (problem solving), and emotion (Nike, Apple products). The practice is politics, social media influence stuff and so on. The wisdom is to know why are you doing the thing you do and that why is not just the attention itself. Wisdom is also to know that most of the people that hear the things you say will do nothing about it and when people actually do – to become aware fast and adapt, contribute more to that direction, be open to receive and to give constructive criticism.

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