What Killed Steve Jobs

Most people are impressed by Steve Jobs - from his great passion, his creativity from his leadership qualities and skills. People around the world use the creations of his company. But what contributed to his results in the Western world also affected his premature death.

Steve Jobs is known from his autobiographical books and movies for his obsession with control. Control over other people, control over technology, control over food. He is known from the eyes of his subordinates, that, in most cases he was overly demanding. In technological terms his platform is highly restrictive and controlling. I've posted iOS applications and I have seen what it is like - you can not use hidden tools, everything is reviewed very thoroughly - most likely from a man and not by an automatic program. This has its good sides, but also has its negative.

The area that I want to emphasize is food and health. It is known that Jobs has followed a vegan, a raw diet and some other alternative to Western society diets - mostly - apples, carrots and more. This diet didn't saved him from prostate cancer. Obviously, the food is not everything. In his autobiography we read about his hardheadedness. He refused to undergo surgery to remove the cancer for nine months after being made aware of it. He failed to "reset" it with diet and thus the cancer spread. If you are stubborn and you put restrictions in your mind of what is "good" and what is "bad", you are missing opportunities that could, as we can see, result in costing your life.

I personally do not think as a bad thing the following of these restrictive diets, on the contrary - I consider them a step in the right direction. I've heard a certain amount of cases where people were cured with alternative methods. But I do not perceive them as a panacea. I try to look with realistic view on the food and health. What diet and life you will go through, what illnesses you will get sick from and how you will treat them is your own personal "game". Each individual will face the lessons he is meant to overcome or repeat them until they are learn.

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