What is Your Purpose with Technology

Save time, effort, energy – so you could move your life – or the lives of the users of the technology – to more pleasant, creative, imaginative things – this is the philosophical point of view for technology. What technology itself is missing is the human factor. Whatever technology – the smartphone, the internet, the block-chain, machine learning systems for – image, voice, identity recognition – they are just tools that do not think for themselves – they do what they are programmed to do.

Fill-in narcotic emotional needs and holes and missing life fulfillment. Today, technology is everywhere, present in every place, space, home, pocket, mind. This abundance is extending and showing our own mind set, just the paths, the pipes where we produce our nature, our state is a little bit digital. There are places on the Internet where you could “fill in” your sexual needs, places where you could attract attention to your registration filling up the pipes with the appropriate attitude and so on. Many such virtual worlds are replacement of the missing thing in life – wasting the time and the life itself to illusionary shapes – smoke and dust. Every virtual world that does not bring or create some action, interaction or has result outside of itself is cocaine. There is plenty virtual weed, of addicted and also drug dealers.

Make money – There is no such thing as money from the Internet. Making money from “the Internet” is a catchy, marketing, bait. It just another person on the other side. Yes, technology offers better scale than the real, physical communication, but, in the end – what matters is still the human connection. The individual that gives you money is just another being that needs to be attracted and persuaded with the special spicy worlds or psychological tricks or at least to have your ideals or passion about stuff and life – to be willing to pay for interacting with you. There is plenty of fish in the sea, so it is no surprise that there are endless number of fishermen.

You could think that, getting into technology will automate things and save you time but, the reality is different. There is a saying - there is so much work that it will keep busy the whole Chinese nation. The trick is - the technology is wrapped in the human illusions - like - economics, legal or physical ownership, "important", "value" and so on. In many parts of the world - having an IT job pays well, but, if you think about it deeper, you'll realize that the coding itself is just another rat race and the real legal owner of the result is the one that will take the pig size of the result, without doing the actual work. This is somehow true for everywhere - the psychological motivation and cooperation - found in politics, video games, construction building and whatever area you pick.

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