What Zuckerberg didn’t answer in front of authorities

The last year Mark Z was in front of the European commission and in front of the American Congress and he didn’t answer directly and he answered only in half of one question – who can see the stuff we publish on Facebook. And he answered only on the User Part.

See, every web site, platform, application that has grown big enough and handles the data on the server side have two ways of viewing the application. The first one is in User Mode and the second is in Admin Mode.

The User Mode is for everyone, for normal users,
and Admin Mode is that could have the view of all the comments, posts, publications and stuff of all users. The Administrator could have potentially bigger permissions to do whatever – delete, edit, block stuff.

A System that is perfectly designed have User Permissions in the OS that are not administrators, there could be different users in the database, different users in the application server, and users in the application itself. If all the best practices are applied, every action, even taken by the administrators, could be recorded and if some operator accesses or does some operations that are bad, he could be removed, fired, send to jail and so on. But as users, we do not have any knowledge what is happening with the data outside of User Mode.

Facebook gives User Interface Controls who can see the stuff we publish, but who can see the stuff only in User Mode, and not in Administrator Mode. So every user, if he publish something he gives it freely to the administrator. We heard in the news how almost every year, some breaches happen in his platformed. And we even heard that he sold the data outside of the Ad Selling User Interface Control.

If you remember Skype before it was sold to Microsoft, the messages were transmitted only when both users were online. And right know – every message platform – Skype, Messenger, whatever – when you send something it is saved on intermediate server and the other part could receive it even if not both parties are online. And we don’t know how this data is managed. Theoretically – even if something is encrypted during the transmission, in most cases we don’t know what happens on the Server Side. Probably everybody that operates the server in Administrator Mode has access to it. So, be careful when you send your nude photos.

Image Source https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mark_Zuckerberg_F8_2018_Keynote.jpg
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