What Internet marketers and self-development gurus are not tell you

I’ve been interested into marketing, psychology, philosophy, social medias and other shit like that from probably five years now and with the time I noticed some things looking from my philosophical, software developer (logical) perspective.

Once you’ve been enough time in the game, you recognize the similarities between all of the personalities that are located in the front row of “fame” in the social and the normal medias. Once you’ve listened an individual long enough – you’ll reach a point where you will NOT here ABSOLUTELY anything new. And I am not saying that – that what reaches us is the only thing that they do. There are a lot of things that they do behind the scenes – planning, strategy, collaborations, networking, meetings, figuring things out. But what we will ever view is just what they filter out – an illusional idea about themselves.

Don’t believe blindly – anything that the self-promoted individual say in their content. As I want to listen from the source, not the copy, I am following two of the “top” American ones. Both said that in the year 2008 – were broke, or very close to broke – under stress about the bills – and they made money by writing books how to succeed. Isn’t that hypocrisy?

What everybody puts out is the an image they want to put in other people’s heads about them. This image, persona, idea is triggering the funnel to go up – to persuade people to become clients and customers – to choose them, to give them money for the work that they do. Once they have money, they can hire other people to do the actual work and in the end – the machine is up and running. This is how these agencies and corporations are born – out of pure illusions that something or someone has value.

One of the tricks used in creating content is wrapping up stories – from the personal past or happenings of famous individuals, or even truly created out of the imagination fairy tales. Everything is wrapped up in stories – even religion. The more you listen, the bigger the chance that you could be sold to (in cash). And even if you never give money to these personalities, the pure attention is just as good cash as the real money. You’ll promote them. You’ll watch their stuff (YouTube gives money for time watched), you’ll comment on their stuff and make it popular (because of the way the algorithms work), and you’ll will give them ideas about the next piece of content.

There are several core principals in self development – think and be positive, have a goal (north star), cooperate with other individuals with similar goal (win-win)/mind trust, act a lot (and escape the illusion of perfection), what are the top 5 individuals you spent time with, “invest” in yourself, 80/20, eat healthy, have a work-life balance and probably few more. Every single principle – you’ll hear it included in every aspect, in every type content, of business or activity. This is how content is created. Repeating the same with click bate titles. What some people are telling you or not, what the X percentage of the people are doing etc.

And many individuals promote creating content on platforms that are attention arbitrages – the perfect place to find the potential “perfect client”. What these personas are not telling is the content creation is their life work, most probably – not yours. I am a programmer and while I write and create content that is not screen recording, I am wasting time – not coding. The basis of marketing, branding, sales and advertisement is communication in all shapes and forms and the promoters are improving in it by not stopping to do it all day long, all the time and delegating all other work to others. While we create content – no-content work is stopped. Few are the cases when it could be done simultaneously without hiring someone else. And because of this, you are doomed to fail in the competition of the attention (that they know how to play better) and you’ll actually spent less time doing the actual work – that they don’t even know how is done. This is two ways of stepping back.

Because everything is so subjective and psychological, the content may reach individuals and improve them – in health, work, strategy. But it will be too general. Marketers and promoters will never – actually heal a person from illness, they will never write a software, build a building or create musical or visual masterpiece. And because of the subjectivity, of our attachments to things that they understand, attention traders will probably never stop to exist, so what I am proposing is to focus on the shit you want and not on them. They will actually win if we all focus on the attention itself, but not on our own work.

Few years ago there was a government in Bulgaria that climbed to power thanks to the help of one single vote. And that person became the focus of the media. And of course this person started the monkey business – creating a circus out of the politics and the institutions. What was the starting point of his “fade away”, when journalists turned off their microphones and cameras and walked away. Not giving even attention is the true revenge to the individuals we despise. And because – in social medias every individual could be journalist and there are endless “channels” to watch – the content of our “friends” – there is an endless game of attention – who to stop following and who to start.

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