When your grandmother was young, she was drinking only beer

The ability to form your own opinions is an extremely difficult task nowadays. On the one hand one can not become an expert in absolutely all areas. It is practically impossible. On the other hand the information pollution is immense. How does one find quality sources. The official sources are filled with paid by corporations and governments data. Among informal sources is full of pseudo experts and people who are just looking for sensation. It remains a part that is logically justified, but far from the reality of ordinary individual and the human brain can not perceive it.

Is a beer healthy? Mass opinion is that it is useful that there are vitamins and amino acids. I read somewhere that helps in the prevention of diseases of the kidney and gall bladder, stomach disorders, Parkinson's disease, obesity, even cardiovascular disease and cancer. With such great rejoicing I am starting to get a bit funny. Beer is advertised too much- TV, Internet, umbrellas, tents and posters. I have not seen anyone to advertise tomatoes until now. I notice that too often is in promotion. A product that has a good combination and proportion of marketing, quality and support stands with a high price. Moreover, the general public does not know how to make it at home and could make the difference between mass beer and home-made one.

Do you shop on promotion? I know many people who do. There is nothing wrong to spend less money on things that are necessary, but not bad to ask ourselves whether we really need everything. Demand for promotions directed focus outward, adjust our level of consumption. When in the prevailing time you consume, you do not have time to create something useful - for you or for someone else. When you create something that is useful for many people and get a way to monetize it, the difference of a few cents or dollars in price will not bother you so much and you will start looking for quality first.

Speaking of quality and food - along the project what you eat I think I realized what food is quality - ie It contains quality vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids, not just empty calories that satiate hunger, but do not feed the cells with the necessary materials. I have a doubt about the efficiency of everything that went through unknown chemical and heat treatments, which is packaged in 2 and 3 layers of colored and glossy packaging.

Some will say that fruits and vegetables are not clean - GMO, nitrates and so on. That is, do not deny it. The question is how we perceive them. In general, mixing of varieties is done for good and for bad reasons. Thanks to higher, albeit artificially boosted yields at a smaller area, you can feed a larger population and thus save people from starvation. The other option is to make human society to eat less, and limited types of food. This is not a popular decision, especially for Western culture, except in some more extreme conditions that will hopefully not happen. Scientists involved in the study of nuclear energy have moved against the nuclear bomb, but that has not stopped the US to launch over Japan. And monopoly over seeds and expansion of GMOs is a consequence of human greed for power, money and control. No quality is not alien to man - from extreme laziness to the extreme workaholism, from vegetarianism, raw food, fasting to extreme consumption. So stop being impressed so easily from human extremes and fall into introversion of mind.

Unlike artificial foods, which put many sweeteners, flavorings and chemical substitutes unnaturally created fruits and vegetables do not have the same taste. Recently I took a slice of watermelon, which was tasteless. You will not buy again from one place and search for better place to by from next time. So when you are lazy, you can not or do not want to have produced something alone, you look for a quality source. 

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