Translate Application value

The biggest value that the application gives is the ability to create, extract, use and reuse a database with sets of translations. The second thing is the ability to generate the code necessary to use these translations on the platform of your choice. As I am Java Developer, the majority of the functionalities for now are for Java Frameworks and Platforms, but this could change fast if you give me feedback what you need.

The first paid license option – The LIGHT License gives you the possibility to create unlimited count of translation sets and the ability to search in them when you create new sets. This is gives you reuse of your already translated keys in multiple projects.

The second paid license option – The Pro License gives you the ability to search for translations in my database. Currently I have around 4000 keys. The search is done by the key or by the pair – Default Language plus The Value you have for the Default Language. If your keys and values are missing in my database, I’ll translate them as soon as I can. So next time when you click translate with ProgramTom TranslateApp Server, your missing values will be loaded.

The third paid license options - The Pro Max License gives you the possibility to Configure and Integrate Google Translate directly with no intermediate (mine or anyone else) servers. This options is the best one because it gives you almost instant translation of all your keys. As a comparison the previous options give you instant translation but only to the existing keys and translation. I’ll show you what exactly is needed to configure it.
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