Translate App for Google Play Developer Console

If you published an application in the Android Play Store recently (2017) You probably noticed the way that the version changes are typed in - in a single text area.
In this area you must put every language that the application supports in a language tags. And I though, This is perfect to have it in my Translate App. As you can see, my app can do more than just translation of applications.
Here are the update changes for the ELI-HOME app.
I have checked the Developer Console option and I have placed a directory.
When you have such data and configuration in my app the result will be the following.
In the file you can see you will receive translations for all the languages that my application supports wrapped in a way that is required from Google Play Developer Console. As the text area accepts only the languages you have marked, you will need to just copy and paste the language sections from this file that you need and that will be accepted by the Developer Console validation process.
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