Translate App – Android Strings.XML Translation

I have an idea to create in the near future a Wake Up Alarm – Android Application. So here I have a very basic master – detail view generated by the Android Studio.

By default it has only one – the default language.

I’ll use the import functionality of the Translate Application to load the initial texts.

There are two options:

  • I could use the file selection functionality I could select the root directory for the translation generation.
  • In the second case the path will be added to the translation settings and will be used for the generation.
    For Android String XML Files You must select the "res" directory and the application will write the necessary localized values directories. When you import translations from a directory, tha application loads all the available translations. When you have only one - it will fill up only the keys of the default language.

From here, if you have Pro license, you could use the database on my server to translate your keys. If the translations are missing, I’ll try to translate them as soon as I can.

If you have PRO MAX license you could configure and use Google Translate directly without ever interacting with my server.

After the translation process is complete you can click save and then generate button.

Back to Android Studio you can see that there are 56 strings.xml files - all with the appropiate texts in corresponding language files.
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