Time is something very elusive. It is quantitative, it is measurable, something takes X amount of Y measurement of time, but do you truly can "have" it? You cannot "grab" the Time, you cannot get "Hold" of the Time.

Theoretically you could "sell" your Time to other people for exchange of something - Money, Valuable Resources, Or whatever you have archived an agreement for. But Are you really selling your Time? No! You are selling time+something you can do in that time. If you are lucky and you have a contract - in the paper it says for what exact position, for what exact service/package/position you must do in that time for the bargain. Otherwise you may consider yourself a paid boy/girl for everything-servant.

So, if you realize that in practical terms you don't actually sell your time, but the things you can do. You could try to package them differently. Here are some examples:

  • You could be employed cleaner for six hours a day or you could sell the "Cleaning Service" - get a flour or an office, or living room - cleaned up for X amount of money.
  • You could be employed programmer for 8 hours a day or to get paid for functionality X or to create a software program with the X feature that you own and try to sell it to others.
  • You could write a book for someone and get a 100X amount in a month or you could sell the book for and receive 10X amount each month and in the long run - end up with much more/or less - according to the other variables - quality, marketing etc.
  • You could spend (and waste) time doing (like fixing) stuff that you don't understand very deeply that you could earn a lot more doing the things you are good, and hire someone to fix the thing that he will do a lot faster.

There are pros an cons in both cases and I am not gonna dive deep into them, because it vary and depend on the context and the case.
I'm gonna finish with this - Today - there is the Internet. There is unlimited amount of Information about Everything. To be closed-minded and attach yourself to your current state is a sure way not succeed, to not reach your potential.
Basically - this is the Game of Life - Expect ups and downs and don't attach too much to the current situation. For some it may be sooner, for others it may be later, but, in the end - everybody will finish in the same place.

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