The secret to good health

The secret to good health will not cost you a lot of money, and certainly not I'll sell it. It is simple and relatively affordable, but is outside the comfort zone. It is Prevention.

If you're watching TV, you saw that everything has a pill. Only that the pills are double-edged sword. The last time my next go to the doctor because of problems in the musculoskeletal system, I heard the question - how is your stomach? One does not think of sensuality stomach unless serious problems arise in it. Accordingly, most of the time treading with any junk to fill our thirst for taste. By ill be treading further and medicines. I recommend aesthetic and use of natural resources.

Snacking you lemons as part of a meal or as juice, ginger, garlic? Have a sour taste and therefore be avoided, except ... Except when one is ill. I can think of at least at least 5 cases in my recent past, relatives and acquaintances who have begun to eat lemons during fever. Why not take this a good dose of vitamin C, while we are healthy?

Did you know that cancer is curable when it is detected at an early stage. When you develop and spread throughout the body, even the best doctors, magicians and fortune-tellers could not help. To develop this disease need a long time to walk the wrong path - in thought, in diet, lifestyle. If you go once a year to the doctor to monitor your health, you can catch many diseases - not just cancer - at an early stage. Where disclosure of the time the disease will be able to change your direction and take off from the path that leads to premature unnatural end.

Do you go to check your teeth? In Bulgaria, state took two seals per year. What's so afraid of the dentist? If all is well, you will pass the review and will not experience pain. If you have a problem - you will suffer in a bit, but you will leave with healthy teeth and will come free. Another option is to be quiet and go to the dentist far as hurt. Then more likely the problem has become bigger and may not even save the tooth. So it will hurt you and is likely to cost you more money than the price of a seal.

To accept any sort of completely white or completely black - is like inserting frames, inserting borders. So will miss the opportunity to take advantage of anything to which you have access.

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