The blessing and the curse of viewing things logically, from the practical – scientific point of view

It is blessing and the curse to view things logically, from the practical – scientific point of view. You could sea the mental constructions, the embedded deep in our mentality, biology, psychology, emotions and humanity – reactions to things. Psychologists especially – are diving deep into our minds and how we behave, what motivates us and so on. Probably not everything is like that but I am seeing it like the Pavlov’s dog but to much broader level – dates, events, happenings. Happiness is a product of our minds. While we place outside conditions to it – it will be temporary, illusive, many times out of reach.

Do you see the Pavlov’s dog instinct in society? All traditions, rituals, behavior patterns that we do may be viewed as such. And they are rarely consciously executed because of the positive health effect or because of our conscious, non-influenced decision. Such instinct is getting money, being good on Christmas (and people are rarely on other days), reminding yourself about individuals on some special days – anniversary, holiday, some days with special events, how we threat other people, because of past events, how we threat other people because of social class, religion, location on Earth where they are born, skin color, because someone told us to hate (kill) that types of people and so on.

Nationality – I am not saying – it is all bad to give credit to the people, the nation where you are born for their heritage, good material or spiritual or cultural environment. You should give respect and credit them. But today’s internet world – there are nomads, multicultural, citizens of the world – that travel, see things from perspective and see things from the side of the coin – not only – the good and the bad. The good may be the traditional food, the healthy national habits, the philosophy of life – to respect one another and so on.

But there are also bad influences here and there. There are also philosophies that preach violence, that attach to the past ways of doing things – like forced down to generations – trimming down the sexual organs, like eating too much because of subjective local perception of beauty, like attaching to past events and hating “the other” because of the actions of the ancestors, and so on.

There are Traditions that are done because everybody are doing it, not because of conscious chosen decision or some proven healthy effect or something logical. There is actually an experiment with monkeys in a cage – when one monkey climbs and gets a banana – the others get cold shower. One by one all the monkeys are replaced, and every time a new monkey climbs for a banana – the old beat him so they don’t get wet. And once all monkeys are new and none of them actually had cold shower – all beat any of them – if some tries to get a banana, because – this is the way it was done before.

In spirituality and religion – there is a lot of biases. Over the centuries and probably still today – practicing religion enforces us to be of certain group of people – dividing us, creating tension, differences – when we are barely different from a biological view point. All concrete clothing of believes is – getting told what is good and bad and in general it is good idea to have a compass. What is missing is our own internal moral compass that is not told from anybody, especially when we live day to day inside the society. Being good at Christmas holidays is good, but we should be all year. When you realize that – the birth of Christ was initially celebrated in the summer, but the Roman emperor moved it after some other non-christian holiday, so it could be easily embraced – we should understand how deep of a dogs we are – being told when to celebrate.

What truly motivates us is the magic of the chemical reactions inside us – hormones like dopamine and stuff. This is psychology, marketing and sales people task – to create the magical chemistry in the bodies and minds of customers. This is telling individuals how they should feel having the product X. And The outside package – likes, comments, social interactions with others, food, money, the activity and practice of what we love to do, the special events we celebrate, having sex, having a child, new toy or whatever is the material necessity so our bodies could produce them. Once realized, we could lose the obsessive attachment to them, and enjoy them fully – but having a grain of salt that in the end every thing is in our minds.

Love is just the natural desire to have sex. It is biological, egoistic mechanism or trick to recreate try to “spread” your itself – your own genes to the world. This is on physical layer. On the platonic layer – loving someone or others/everyone for truly – no reason is rare – close to non-existent. Even if with purpose beyond receiving something material – it is still some kind of egoism – legacy, be known, have done something meaningful. And, the love we feel towards a single individual is a lot of times – filling -in our own “love copes”, completing the dramas, the childhood unmet needs, have someone so we not feel lonely, or feeding the egoistic persona that lives inside everyone of us – that we have had sex, individuals interested in us and so on.

Health stuff that we could copy from other people or the past also have good and bad sides. In the past the food was not so abundant as today. In this century we could get all the food we like from the supermarket. In the past was not such. Some of the traditions of eating specific food on specific time of the year was because of the lack. It had the positive side effect. Like – not eating a day in the week, not eating meat for a month and several others practices. We were adapted to the nature and we were more active in the worm time of the year and less on the cold. And there is a positive effect in that.

Today – in the big cities, there is a hurry, to be productive all year long, to work, work, work, and this has a negative effect. The body needs to be stressed to get shitty work done, but it should not be stressed all year long. This is how illnesses arise and grow. Also – eating specific food when nature nurtures it the most is the most healthy. Having a non-seasonal food all year long today – is not so nutrient rich, the taste is different, and positive effect is gone, due to the need of endless growth in the economic systems. Physical exercises – like collecting the food, caring for the animals and so on is also healthy. In the big cities today, you could get a lot of money and consequentially – food, material possessions and so on – with little to none physical activity – and this is not healthy.

Our logical database is never, never complete. What seems logical and practical may have broader implications that we could never know and take into account. So grabbing 100% to the logic may be viewed as a is suicide. Many times we should do the things because it has health and social benefits. As in programming and engineering – there may be cases where starting a thing from scratch could be the more beneficial one in long term – not relying to the old data.

But probably there are also times when we should do the things not basing in anything. That is our blessing. We are not trees or grass or an animal moved only by unconscious instincts. We have semi-free will – free will between the possible and impossible, we could choose our believes, our actions, our lives, while we are healthy and not too far away into the path of our choices – We could take existence for a ride.

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