The Insightful by Andy Andrews

In books astute tells of an old man who has the ability to look into the lives of the people he meets, from another angle and always manages to give them the idea out of situations where they are, and courage and motivation to realize them.

 Life is like a game of monopoly - owning the most expensive hotels, the most prestigious neighborhoods. Finally, all the pieces go back into the carton.

Can you take a look at your life from a different angle than your own? It's one of the things I teach meditation practices. History repeats itself. Specifics be amended, but basically all the problems that we have been there before in one form or another. There is nothing unique about the broken heart, incident in which his injured disease from which their sick or drama in which've scored. To look at yourself as another person with this problem gives you peace of mind. You realize that you're just an actor in the scenario of life, but unlike theater and movies, you can change its role and thus create new storyline (or at least new to you in your current life) in the development of the action.

Walker looked at the old man with disgust:

- Why the hell are you telling me this?

-It seems strange how one can lose everything while chasing nothing.

Remember Andy, a man can do anything he wanted. You can achieve everything he wants. Things did not come down to money. Nor to lack of time. When you need to achieve something great in life, usually what you miss is the idea. Time and money are also a matter of perspective.

To bring along not offer. If we want to achieve anything we want in life, we need to define clearly, we can create a plan algorithm path that will lead us to him. Otherwise, just bring along and we get the result of the actions of others who may not be in our favor.

The time you spend on this earth is a gift that must be used wisely. Do not waste unnecessary words or thoughts, remember that even the most simple actions leave an immeasurable mark on the world.

Every big picture is made up of trifles.

Giblets actually that which formed the big picture of our lives.

Yet how often do we pay attention to the little things? We chase big goals, big dreams, but not a bad idea to stop for a moment and enjoy the moment. In summary truth perhaps in the middle.

One night I was in another city and saw on the roadway a man running after a hat that the wind blew from someone's head. In a moment a car hit him and killed him on the spot.

An example of dealing with crap that take our lives.

Many of the treasures in life remain hidden to us simply because we ourselves never seek them.

When we pursue one thing, we lose another. That's life. We have to have everything at once.

Wisdom is the ability to see the future consequences of decisions today.

The best teacher is experience of others. When you read about the lives of great men you have the opportunity to solve the mystery of what made them great.

The best teacher and the shortest time as a lesson, if we can learn a lesson. Otherwise we will be faced with the experience and will experience the lessons of their own back, which would take much more time and energy.

How do you understand that you love someone so much that you want to spend your life with him?

Between two people MUST be something else they share and who take the place of physical attraction when it ceases to be houses the only, for which both day and night to think.

Why marriages end?

The book tells about how couples entered the wedlock they waive their pursuits of its objectives and that long-term dooms them to misery and frustration. Chasing their goals, to have their hobbies and ideas other than your partner is characteristic of independent people. The love Union is a place of strength and not cell.

You can change. Now. Right now. Many people think that change takes time. Not so. The change comes a moment. It was a sudden! It may take time to decide to change, but the change only happens in a heartbeat. The whole concern of the world can not change what has already happened.

To change is an ability that is given to each of us. It depends on us whether we use it or not.

No matter what your past because you can always alone to choose their future.

It is time to stop letting your past to control your destiny today.
Any action that a person takes, has its consequences far ahead in time.
Each little action leaves a trail beyond our visible horizon. Each little action can and will change the world.


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