The Chicken and the egg in business and life

Leveling up in years lived give you knowledge, wisdom, memories, references and patterns to look for in your head and hopefully with something moved, changed, left materialistically and in terms of ideas, discoveries etc – in the real world from your past. The wider experiences you had, the better perspective you could have acquired to be more happy with less. I’ll point out some observations “I recognize as a chicken and the egg problem”. These things are a dead lock in programming terms. The first require the other and the other require the first…

Content & making money – in today Internet world producing content in social media, podcast and blogging platforms is essential, because people are there and to be able to reach them, you’ve got to put something of yours in there. So – you should produce content to get known so people can buy from you once you are not a persona incognita. But, in most cases – to have the idea to hear you, you must be someone – either with some degree, either with some business success or famous. To reach fame is the same as in business – you must produce from the art you are going for. To sell something to a lot of people you must be known. To be known you’ve got to produce content. To be open to hear you, people must know you.

Coding and developing solution & actually fixing a problem to people. Solution creators often have a unique view on stuff and see how a situation could be solved in unique way. But the problem is when people don’t view their thing as a problem or just – they don’t know they have it. So, developing a solution requires time and effort to create and to show it to the users to verify if it solves the/a problem. The tricky part is to not develop solution for a nonexistent problem.

Being Good in the Love Game & Being a Good Partner to a Single Individual. If you are serous about the relationship with some other person, you must not play around more than the mere flirt with others, you’ve got to give your attention to this one person, take care of him/her, keep the fire going. But to know all the tricks, to keep the spark, to recognize all the tests “are you for me” and correctly answer them or avoid them, you must have been in several relationships, to have had the practice. And this idea of getting practice – is like being a lover-boy – going from girl to girl, not being serious in the long run.

Learn to Work – Work to Learn. In order for you to work on some job, to do some task, you must know what are you doing, the details about it, how to do it. And the theory of how the things are – you’ll get from schools and universities, but the practice – from the work. And especially for beginners – this is a double bind – to get hired, to get the work done you must know how to do it – to have experience, and to get experience – you need to get hired.

Work & Enjoy Life – In order to enjoy life – travel to exotic places, eat various different foods, have luxury, have fun, parties and so on – you need money – to cover for all of that. But to get acquire money – you need to work. It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or for other. Many times even – when you work for yourself – you’ll work actually more.

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