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Reading opens doors to new universes.
Laughter brings together.
Haters are important people - be good to them. There is no bad publicity.
One can always find something positive in the negative.
Laughter reveals another perspective on the issues.
Isolates from the world you can see more. - in landscape, landscape, natural phenomena (the lecturer was a photographer.)
Work as Meditation
The Butterfly Effect - every little thing you do is the result, even if not see it immediately.
With advances in science knowledge that you can learn are increasing exponentially. Something that can be learned is creativity. Develop their creativity and be unique.
We see what we believe. - What one sees depends on the state of the viewer.
Photography became blink in eternity.
When you do something for yourself is true. Unless you're a masochist - for yourself will not do anything bad or poor.

Money and happiness

Money can buy happiness, if only to spend as they should.
This is not about whether to cry or to a Lada with Ferrari, although lecturer mention it. Simply if spent properly can bring happiness. If you enjoy seeing the world you will not buy a house, but will travel. If they die of joy shiny new cars will not spend on travel and so on.
Money changing attitudes of others towards you.
Studies have shown that when you spend money for others, it brings greater happiness. No matter the size of the amount.

To false prophet is a marketing trick, ie - By declaring what will be the results of using the product. Marketing trick is when a person with high educational title is trying to flog you something - on television or the Internet, or tell you how many people use the product.
When you hear certain information, ask yourself who's paying for it, who was paid to "do" research and study of a topic. Ask yourself why you say - especially if the desired result is to purchase a product.
Do not believe the statistics. If you're looking enough to reach the "representative" sample - number of people to which you will receive details of any statement you want.
For statistics about happiness - It turns out that in Bulgaria are more unhappy than places in the world where there are hostilities.
Learn to ask the right questions.
Not unhappy, do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

You can not blame how bad education by you personally doing nothing about it. Take personal responsibility.
To possess the ability and willingness to learn is essential for success.

What would you do if you did not have to work for money?
Beer on the beach - it's laziness syndrome.
If you have enough desire for something - you find ways to do it.
Comfort zone is imaginary prison
Makes every day something new.
When anything you do say "must" consider whether they can say "I want".
"We" sounds like an unwanted obligation - of society, from parents, from the boss. "I" indicates that you have a personal relationship.
Who is your dessert?

There have been studies of the brain - When a person is awake, the brain did not throw waste from the cells - or at least not as effectively as others, it is necessary for someone to sleep - this is the state in which "clears" effective.
Amoloid-Beta - the substance that builds up in failure "clean up" the brain. Associated with Alzheimer's disease.

The more we learn things like information, the more we begin to close the box thinking. Thinking creatively is to forget the old and to think in a new way.

The three levels of connection:
1st level - symbiosis - when you're looking for "mate". This means that the sum of the two is equal to one.
1 + 1 = 1
This level is characterized by loss of personal relationship and creating a financial, mental, emotional dependence. At this level physical proximity is the priority thing.
Used - separation anxiety, creating an "obligation" to do something, jealousy, blaming past events using insults. There is a desire to change the other, as you you wish.
Second level - mutualism - when both partners are complete personalities, everyone has their limits, their desires, goals and dreams and because of coincidence of them intersect.
1 + 1 = 2
At this stage there is harmony, freedom of dialogue, no hard feelings in that each of them has a different view, there is a culture of conflict resolution, there is tolerance.
3rd level - synergy - at this level there are no limits. Everyone realized the levels of their own and that of your partner - male and female energy. Understanding half a word or entirely without words.
1 + 1 >> 2
Intimacy is achieved even at a glance.

If you receive information about a news, an event - make him a man who was in the field, or else is led. Refugees in Europe are not Syrians. The refugee crisis has become a business. Anyway it is not about living people and biomass, non-human beings.

The leader is a role model. Be careful what you choose leaders because it will affect you personally and to the people around you.
Leadership, leadership qualities are a matter of choice. The leader is responsible for the actions of their subordinates and seeker of solutions.

Vocation - In what field you can give the most value?
Search greater cause, motivation, inspiration for which you want to live.
For this purpose - putting his dreams that are difficult to reach.
Be phase perpetual learner, but not the type of eternal student, and always open to new knowledge and perspectives.
Dealing with difficulties separates a successful person from one failed.
Trud plus calling more than talent. The ability to adapt is more important than intellect.
Everyone has a different definition of success. Do not let someone else define your own idea about it.

We all have a grain of schizophrenia in itself - all have a different idea than the rest of the world and "see" the same thing differently.
Better than positive thinking is a state of mind in search of a solution.
The problem is unsolvable problem if. Otherwise, we have a situation. The situation is solvable, sometimes even with a change of mentality.
It focus on our problems hindering find solutions.
Be able to search for opportunities. New inventions are not made by digging in old knowledge.

Where are (you) - Where you want to be (what you have).
See what you can do and do it. If you do not know - ask people who are at the point where you want to be and act.
The big success was accompanied by a big failure.

Proactivity - The art to create opportunities
If your girlfriend home from work and get you to cook - it's activity.
If your girlfriend home from work and the food is cooked and ready to serve - it's proactive.
Want to upload Level?
Proactivity requires time, attention and not least action.
Problem of proactivity - justification.

Abroad is quite imaginary idea. If you want to see things realistically not listen to the media or people who have not been out of Bulgaria except on a trip or vacation, and talk to people who were there. Or better yet go alone.
Which people want to spend their time after 6 pm? What people make you stand until 4am without flair when it is past time? Which people want to spend August?
No matter what city you live. There are important people with whom you live. When you are to the people you love and who love you, spring, summer, autumn and winter acquire a different feeling.

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