Stop watching TV

Successful people have big libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. Jim Ron

Until about three or four years and I was no exception, and I watched a lot of TV. Especially with a handful of sunflower in my hand. What exactly I watched - movies, music and popular science programs, news etc. Do I feel now enriched by this? Not particularly. The number of programs and channels that have enriched my knowledge and have developed my thinking or gave me really useful information is relatively small. Most simply install a certain type of thinking without we realizing it. Finally, a few weeks ago, passing around a TV, I heard about one minute 10 times "million" and 10 times "saving". If it is not brainwashing, I do not know.

Another big minus of television is the Anti-Socialization. You stand for hours in front of a screen, you do not communicate or communicate rarely with one another outside the place where you are because of your mutual necessity to pay attention to the "thing".

What has changed since I stopped watching TV:

  • I started to have a lot of free time.

One of the areas in which I spent my time was learning - especially in the field of programming. One of the results of programming in my spare time after work is an Android application which reached almost 54 000 active installations at its peak, which for the scale of Bulgaria for me personally is a great success.

Another of the areas that I spent a lot of time, is a sport and dance. Movement in any kind - walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, cycling is not just entertainment, but a necessity, as are food and water. The weight difference today compared to the thickest my period is about 30 kg, and the benefits of dancing are numerous. I met constantly with new people, exchange ideas, opinions, experiences, I develop personally and socially.

Reading books. The books I read last year widened my horizons beyond recognition. I realized the need to read more and more and so I opened the door to infinite knowledge, which are available only with the dissolution of the book or turning on the phone. No one is able to know everything and there is always something new to learn.

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