Camera One of my first attempts to do Android application was precisely using the camera. Then, before probably 5-6 years, my goal was to make an application to shoot a series of images alone without further intervention on my part. My skills with Android were not so good yet and because of the limited time that I gave to the idea, it was not accomplished successfully.

A few months ago, watching the new stuff coming from Google, I saw that they developed an API for human face recognition - position of the face, whether it is with eyes opened or closed, whether it is smiling or not.

Similar opportunities are available in other applications and platforms, as well as professional and not so professional cameras there for years. I decided to develop and improve the old idea I had and create similar app myself.

As dangerously unphotogenic, I know how difficult it is to make a good photo. With this application I have made some progress. Don't you think :) :)? In the current version, the application encloses in a red square faces that are not smiling and / or are with closed eyes and paints on the screen of the Android device grumpy face or closed eyes.

The old idea is ​​available via the button next to the camera icon. It is possible to make 1 , 5 or 10 sequential shots.

In the current version the application also can :

  • Turn off detection of faces and eyes. This is done by clicking on the counters. So you could make consecutive shots of landscapes, as well as of sad faces.
  • View only pictures taken with this app in a gallery view and an overview of each photo enlarged separately - with the possibility of sharing and deleting.

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