Setup Google Translate in Translate Application

If you have the Pro Max License a button appears on the bottom of the initial page the says – Setup for Google Translator.

The button opens a dialog where you have to type in some configuration.

To integrate Google Translate in the Application you must setup a project on the Google Cloud Developer Console.

I already have created a project for my Application. On the dashboard screen - below, there is a button that says Enable APIs and get credentials like keys.

That opens you a page where you can view how much data you have used and the data you’ll need for initial setup is located in the Credentials menu.

You'll need to create "OAuth 2.0 client ID". You will receive new Client ID and Client secret that you will need to enter in the Translate Application.

After you have set these two parameters, then you can go to the second place, where you can get temporary tokens to activate the translation service. I use OAuth 2.0 Playground.

On this page search translation, select one of this two options and click Authorize APIs. After you have done this, you could click the button Exchange Authorization code for tokens.

The buttons gives you tokens that are needed by the Application. Copy them in the form. You don’t need to worry. They will be saved locally in encrypted form.

After this is done you can click save and use Google Translate. It is the third button in the translate tab.

The texts are passed directly to Google without any intermediates. There are some time and size restrictions. It is not inteded for text with the size of a book. Maybe up to small to middle articles. I personally use it mostly for translation of my applications and my blog posts on, which is not a WordPress website. In a future a may add some external framework integration if such functionality is in demand.
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