Record achieved small or big personal successes

People think that the IT experts are the only ones who can program. The reality is very different. We are all programmed a lot and at different levels:

  • biologically - coming to Earth with particular DNA; look for the strongest, most powerful and suitable partner from the opposite sex;
  • Family - Our family educates us in a certain way, inherited and strongly influenced by the way how were educated our parents, grandparents and so back in time
  • by mid - friends, television, Internet;
  • we ourselves - whether we have let ego or have taken conscious control over thoughts, feelings and emotions - we write our own "software" and how it will behave.

The idea behind recording the achievements of small and big goals and successes is precisely to program yourself - to recognize that even the situation we are in us is bad, there are always things for which it makes sense to live, because of that as person you can feel happy. When we recognize the successes, the progress will be clearly seen, and we will feel it in ourselves, and thus become even more confident and motivated to keep going.

The alternative is to sink to negativity and so will program ourselves in any situation to seek and recognize unconsciously the bad and thus the steps of our personal development will go down instead of up.
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