Planning task list for the day

Benjamin Franklin said:

"If you do not plan, you plan to fail."

Planning focuses on the things you want to do that are important to you and puts limits to the countless other tasks that you can do. If appears more urgent task than the one you are doing, it is ok to re-prioritize, but if someone else has plans for you for things that are not of such importance to you as to another, you can with a clear conscience to postpone it for another day and concentrate on your list.
Thus your day will be a bit more ordered and cleared, which leads to less stress. You will not rush into any new tasks that appear.

This makes it possible to re-prioritize the personal list of tasks.
If you want to achieve more, make the list for today a bit larger than what you can do. When you push yourself, sometimes thought arises, how to optimize the tasks so that you can do it in less time possible without reducing the quality of work. In this respect it is better not to overdo it, because it may lead to strain on you, stress and embarrassment that we are not ready, there is no favorable impact on either us or our health or the quality of the task that we have set. We must not forget to have fun and play while working. Tomorrow is another day, and if we are alive and healthy will do what we have planned to do.

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