Partially Generated Prototype Apps – Simple E-Chat

I’ve created the basis of a messenger application. Currently it has a long way to go to be functional enough – to be used daily – as the number of other big messaging applications, but the most important missing piece is the willingness of my acquaintances to start using it. No one is on them. An individual logically uses something if everybody else is in there. This is the network effect that has made big – Facebook, WhatsUp, Skype, Viber, etc. No one cares if these services has the potential power to view, analyze, and do whatever they like with the flying around messages.

Contacts List

I’ve integrated in the Simple E-Chat – Lazy Loading of more messages when you scroll down and, Pull to Refresh – clearing the list and loading the most recent messages. In the current version of the Prototype Studio – paging is generated with Previous/Next Buttons that load the corresponding page.

Messages List

Currently – the Simple E-Chat still has a single Data Model that is – a Message. The message has “from user”, “to user”, date and content. Potential new data models are – the concepts of accepted “friends/connections”, blocked users. Another big improvement will be the the modification of the message to add – Message Type. Currently it is text only. More Options could be – Image, Video, Generic File, Emojis & Stickers, GPS Location, URL, etc. Potentially, the URL addresses could be embedded into the app with iframe/object or some other code – coming from the external platform. This a strategy used by others to minimize app or web page transition to another one, keeping the users in the parent flow/feed.

Another few functionalities missing compared to the big apps is Push Notifications while in the Background and while opened (implemented many cases also with active – open web connection or (not preferably) with endless pulling, group chats/rooms, a message – seen flag, is the other individual writing at the moment, online status and several more. Stories /short lived messages/ – I don’t consider part of a messaging app. Their presence in apps is because of the stupid stealing of features and competition between the Giants.

Nevertheless, My minimal e-chat app has the core feature of communication between two individuals with a registration. It is available as Simple Web App (with MaterializeCSS) or as a Flutter Web or Android App.

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