Partially Generated Prototype Apps – AppCenter.Online V1

App Creator / Company – I’ve embedded a company and a developer into one data model, because an app could be developed by individual or it may be produced from a team wrapped up in a company. I’m still not sure if that was the right decision, because it brings up custom code. I’ll see, if I develop V2 of the app center – will I’ll be able to structure it better.

App – self-describing data model. It has the fields from the Prototype Studio V2 – name, logo, description.

Software Platform – Since I’ve had experience with many different technologies, languages and projects, I consider myself a general software developer. I’ve coded mostly for the Web – back-end and front-end and Android, but I could code for all the others – iOS, the different Desktop Graphic platforms, Console, Web – with different technologies and stacks. Some of the Platforms I’ve coded are present as an option in the App Center.

Software Platform -+ App (URL) – This is the Many to Many link between an App and a Software Platform, but it also has a URL address, so a definition of an app could show links for the different platforms.

Skill – This is a definition of a craft / in programming I’ve typed here – the programming languages, but it could extend to software frameworks and libraries and also the different platforms and even form factors.

Developer with level of experience with skill – this is the many to many link between skill and an app owner (individual or company).

Work Service – this is specialized data model to company. It is the use of the skills that is packaged somehow to the outside.

Social Link + many two many link with a developer or company & Category + many two many link with App – are present in the data model of the App Center, but I haven’t exposed them in the view part / content. I may consider including them in some future versions and reworks.

App Center DB Diagram
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