Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

A year and three months ago I have created an application that can remind the user to perform actions that are repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. I realized how much power has the habit - repetitive tasks we perform unconsciously. Over time, except in the books that I read, I see more and more examples and evidence both personally and in the people around me.

Any habit that weakens the will, creates a favorable environment for a few more such habit and thus achieve mind control.

Habits are contagious. Each habit attracts a bunch of their fellows. Habit to do useless things leads to another useless habits.

Last month I set a goal to build a habit to run lightly in the morning and evening. Morning running wakes me up in the evening refreshes me and keeps me in shape. After running in the morning, a shower, eat fruit and I am ready for the day. I do not need coffee, a cigarette, company to talk about whatever and lose an hour or more in unproductive conversations. The habit to run at the evening encourages me to dinner earlier and not overdo eating. Then - a shower and I'm ready for another day. After a hearty meal or beer night is not fun to go for a run. Beer predisposes to eat something with it as an appetizer - nuts, salad, often at a later hour. So good habits attract to themselves other good habits, bad - some bad habits.

"People who think with their own mind, never" float to the flow, unlike the others, who think little or no thinking. Carried along a man who lets himself be influenced by circumstances and they start control his life. and circumstances and chance are things that are out of his mind. Such a person is willing to let me in mind and let me think for him than to take responsibility to think for himself. Carried on tide man who accepts what life brought him without protest or fight against him. He himself does not know what she wants from life and spends all his time in the assimilation of what life brought him. "

"Poverty, just as physical illness is contagious. You will always find it where there are people who drift and never among those who know what they want and are determined to achieve it. People who do not wear along and that I do not control, and those holding the majority of the wealth in the world are the same. "

I have no influence on someone who does not drift.

The first thing you'll notice about such a person, is the complete absence of an important goal in life. He has an obvious lack of confidence. He never finished anything that requires the application of some effort. He spends all you earn, and if you can get a loan - spending more.

  • He ate too much and move too little.  
  • He criticized people failed to achieve their goals.

The man who drift is willing to make efforts to avoid thinking - and not willing to make any effort to live better.

Propaganda is any mechanism plan or method by which humans may be caused influence, not themselves understand what the purpose of this influence or unable to identify its source.

Think about the cause and source of everything that happens in this world. If you go deep enough into the rabbit hole you will quickly lose interest in what appears on the surface.

Each will be provided work or food from the state reserve. When stomachs of people City, they go with whoever it is sated. Hungry people are difficult to keep under control.

The reason why the status quo remained - not enough people starve.

Decide exactly what you want from life. Then, create a plan by which to achieve it, and be prepared to ignore everything else for him rather than put up forever with failure. Turn the lesson of the failure in the seed of future success.

Fear is filling that devil fills the gaps in your mind. It's just a state of mind, which you can control by filling your mind with faith in their own abilities and so will make your life to give you everything you ask of him.

Once I can fill people's minds with fear, it needs little effort to get people to drift until it tangled in the web of hypnotic rhythm.

Habit, swirl, hypnotic rhythm to carry along - these are synonyms of things that come into our subconscious whether we want it or not. The point is to exercise our will and things that enter to be positive.

People who surrender your mind of fear - of any fear - ignore the opportunity to use your own mind and begin to drift.

The devil says - if people used their time they spend in fear to do something they would have everything they want in the material world, and all they need to escape from me after his death.

You are where you are and what you timeout, thanks to your own thoughts. Luck definitely does not exist. Circumstances that people can not explain, they put under the common denominator of luck.

Love for each person can be dangerous. Love is a state of mind in which he blurs, willpower weakens and the ability to clearly distinguish between facts and truth decreases.

The man who goes by following a specific plan and purpose, recognizes the difference between the temporary defeat and failure. When a plan fails, he replaced it with another, but without changing its target. This person does not undo the goal.

Everyone has to itself the obligation to find a way to live your life fully and happily. Then, if he has the time and energy to make their own desires, can take responsibility and help others.

People who whine and beg God to pay attention to their problems and give them all necessary or desirable in life are too lazy to think what they want and to materialize by virtue of its own consciousness.

Sin for a man to remain ignorant not want to evolve, as this leads to poverty and lack of opportunity can count himself.

No sex is vulgar and individuals who can not control and direct emotion. Sex, like all other forces must be understood, managed and harnessed to work for certain purposes. The man possessing self-discipline, understand the emotion of sex, respect it, and learn to control it and transformed into positive activities.

Where you can learn self-discipline is exactly what we are right now. The best way to start is by learning to recognize the truth, namely the fact that billions of existing universes there is no absolute good or absolute evil but acts only virtue of natural law. Anywhere there is a person who possess the slightest power to influence human beings to protect nature or herself.

Not now, not before, nor never will exist human creature that has the right or power to deprive another human being of his birth right to think independently. This is the only privilege over which people have control. Most people, however, have lost their ability to take advantage of this right - or ignore it or have lost the habit of independent thinking, influenced by parents, religious instructors and teachers.

Failure is the fact invented by the people themselves. It can never be real, while the mind of man does not perceive it as such. Failure is a state of mind.

No one can change the law of hypnotic rhythm, and no one can change the law of gravity - but anyone can change themselves.

The loss of material things can teach people many valuable lessons, but not greater than the truth that man has no control over anything and nothing guarantees its constant use of a thing - except for the power of his thought.

I get what I want, and practice self-control.

Children are sent to school to gain knowledge assessments and memorize by heart, not to learn what they want from life.

Most real failures are due to the limitations that people put themselves in their own minds.

As meaningless sound of failure will learn more about achieving success, rather than the description of the achievements themselves. It failures will teach you what not to do.

For two months I suffer from the worst of all diseases - indecision.

As Yoda says - do it or not do it. There is no "I'll try."

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