Options for importing schemes to the Generator App

One of the functionalities of my Generator App is importing data design from an external for the tool environment. I have implemented several options:

  • The most close to my tool option is to import from a file generated by the tool itself – via the export button. The export button creates a file with name – the name of the application and extension “.jsonschema” containing the definitions you have entered.
  • The second option is to place a directory where the tool itself has previously generated some code. Currently only GWT_MODELS option is implemented and relatively working – with known bugs. Because of a hard disk failure the past year, I needed to restore the schema of the Generator Application itself.
    This option is not with big priority for me, because of the many generation (output) option, the complexity of recognizing the stuff and because – my main focus is on actually generating code.
  • The third probably most useful option is importing some schema models from a existing database. I’ll go into details here.

My GeneratorApp tool is written in Java Programming Language so it connects to databases via standardized mechanism (JDBC). If you want, you could read more about it on this web site: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/jdbc/basics/gettingstarted.html

Most of the more popular databases provide JDBC Driver of Type 4:

The list of drivers could never be complete and even if I had it, I cannot include them (at least not all) into my tool because of license restrictions. So, you, as a user, if you need access to some custom database, you could download the jdbc driver for it and include it into my tool via an utility I have created for that purpose.

If you initially download and start my app, on the screen with import from database, the combo box will have only one jdbc driver (This is if you haven’t added the drivers to the Java run-time virtual machine library directory – which is an alternative option):

before start

If you want to add support for additional database, download the driver from the links above (or some other from their corresponding download pages) and copy them in the same directory where my tool is downloaded.

merge drivers

Download also the utility that I have created, that will merge the drivers into my tool. After you have executed my script, the GeneratorApp.war file should be bigger in size, because it has been modified with the additional drivers. Now if you start my utility you will find the new drivers as additional options:

full combo box

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