Only with good you cannot make it work

There are many thoughts and sayings on the topic:

  • As better you are, the more bad things occur.
  • Head down is not minted by sword.

But the truth is that:
Nothing good will happen while you are good.

Like any other thing the "goodness" has many definitions and many different perspectives. To not be good does not mean necessarily to be bad.
Your attitude to other people who know less, than can do less than you, who have less than you, shows what kind of person you are, whether you are a man with qualities with values ​​or you are full of shit.

I recently heard the following case. Woman traveling on a bus in the summer with the air conditioner not working even feel like it's put heating. She goes and makes a remark about it, she asks why the air conditioning does not work. In response she gets scolding - by the driver, by the conductor, and even by other travelers. Someone even threw - the driver is depressed, so do not hang on him. Do the drivers pass a psychological test for? A driver with depression, may decide that he no longer wants to live and direct the bus full of passengers on top of a group of people and make melee like we heard on television and the Internet.

How exactly will be fine Bulgaria, besides, any other country, while the people do not participate - with voice, with actions to show what they want. It is very easy to comment how bad the situation is - on Facebook or with cup of beer. And what did you do to improve the environment? It is very easy to blame always someone else - the politicians, the gypsies, the refugees, the environment and society. Always someone else - but not ourselves. We are angels. We flee abroad, like mouses leaving the sinking ship and if we get back here we wonder why nothing has changed. We find confirmations and approval evidence why we escaped. In other countries, the public may be more developed, but one thing we can not leave home, and that is ourselves and our attitude to the world. Besides the people who make a living by begging or illegal activities - I have not heard anyone who is keeping it calm. Wages elsewhere in the world may well be higher from Bulgaria, but to obtain it you need a lot of hard work. Hard work, which we have not done, while in Bulgaria, or we have not done what we like. If you love something, you do it without even get [high] reward, because you will feel satisfied with the process, not just the end result. If you do constantly nonsense, it is normal to finally not be happy and not feeling worn inside.

How long we will enter in the role of victims ?!

Under the role I do not mean that the we act artificially. In life everyone comes in many natural roles - a child, a teenager, a father or mother, friend or foe, teacher or student. To be able to get in a role, you must have the other half of role - to be a child - there must be some parents, to be a parent there must be a child, so if we want to be villains, there must be someone the is not opposing to be the victim.
In this world there is not one thing that is in dead end, because the dead end is only in our heads.
So - no one can blame for the situation in which we find ourselves. Salvation will not come either from above or outside. And I have experienced it myself, I realized that change can not come from outside. It happened to me the environment and circumstances to change, but I didn't change. I might have been in the role that was required of me for a short time, but since I was not ready internally in those times, things have failed.

I myself have for some time also played the role of victim, but I realized how unproductive this way of thinking was. What will be your role in this life is a matter of choice - what role we choose to play, which will let it beat inside us - the good or the evil. Change is possible, as long as we wish it truly enough.

To change internally and to expand our viewpoint is the greatest wealth that we can get on this earth.

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