My health

The last two weeks I spent having a slight cold - runny nose, mild sore throat, some mornings I waked up with a slight headache going to fever, but didn't measured it. This is because after the morning tea I was feeling better.

How I healed myself?

  • I didn't complain how ill I am - you never saw not even one my status, photo or post about it. Who was sufficiently observant, he noticed that I walked around with handkerchiefs.
  • I drank a lot of tea, hot and boiling water in which the stale crust of lemon or grapefruit.
  • I took two grapefruit and every morning I was having breakfast with a quarter - one-fifth of it. I took lemons for juice from a nearby market - and I ate 2-3 a day. At each main meal I emphasized on - onions, sauerkraut, a spice that I discovered recently - red, black pepper, garlic, and add soup of sauerkraut, to extinguish a fire after a pungent effect of the spice.
  • I did not stop with the tasks that I had on the agenda. I kept my mind busy and engaged, so I do not have time to think about bed and disease. The tee and hot water in I was drinking from a thermos.
  • I started to dress a little bit warmer. Even still I do, because the April sun is not so warm in Bulgaria and nothing stops me when I become warm to wear clothes in hand.
  • I have not had to go to the doctor, and therefore I have not drank any pill - even aspirin for several years. I even lost track of exactly from when. This does not mean that if I fell into a worse condition I will not go. This does not mean that you'll never drink a pill, but only, for the moment, following my current diet and habits, do not feel such need.

Whether this mode will help you? I can not say. But I feel good - no (expensive) drugs without the "BIO" Vegan and any other exotic food regimes and states of mind. It is not only eating ... So much for the claim that health is expensive. I think health is a way of thinking and a little amount correct actions.

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