Multi lingual SQL with Translate App

With my TranslateApp tool you could generate SQL code that will create variations of the script for the different languages.
If you have for example a web site with products and you want to translate them to more languages you could make your database program generate insert statements for your product records. After that, you could place the names and the descriptions as texts for translation in the TranslateApp. Let me describe the steps.
  1. Put a check on the SQL checkbox and type in a path where the script will be generated.
  2. When you go to the next tab - keys - you will find a text area. In the text area you can type in the sql quer that will be used.
  3. Let's say we have two keys 'from' and 'to' and a sql insert statement insert into product(from,to,lang) values ('sample from', 'sample to','en_US');.
    First - replace the column values with dollar sign and the name of the keys. Then replace the language code with a dollar andlang. The final result will be the following: insert into product(from,to,lang) values ('$from', '$to','$lang');
  4. Then you could save your collection and script and click generate.
  5. You will see the generated file and the scripts in it.
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