Meditation is a method to calm the raging thoughts in a man's head. The physical effect on the body, studied by scientists is the decline in blood pressure, decreased depression, lower cholesterol. This is the west, scientific understanding about meditation.

In Eastern traditions the purpose of meditation is spiritual growth and enlightenment. When the meditator stops to identify with the thoughts in his head, it becomes possible the awareness of the ego - the endless self identification with thoughts, emotions and events that occur. This is a move of the perspective of the personal physical and psychological to a more global perspective. Thus issues that seemed important for the individual suddenly lose their priority. Some cells in the body of a man kill other cells, and exactly because of that he stays healthy. Plants and animals kill and eat each - other, but exactly that way they maintain balance in nature and ensure the continuation of the life of the various species. Suddenly, with the more global perspective, are revealed the hidden threads that connect everything with each other.

By achieving such awareness, one soothes the tension in the thoughts and feelings, the fear the pain and the inevitable death of the individual. The energy that is lost in prior chores and at fueled by the ego fears and desires, suddenly becomes available. With that energy a person can use to achieve change - in himself or in the world.
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