Marketing is like sex

"Marketing is like sex - only losers pay for it." 100 $ Startup.

Admit it, you opened the article because of the word sex in the title and because of the provocative image. Sex sells. Men and women are impressed by the attractive naked and half-naked bodies and therefore they are placed everywhere. If men and women (mostly women) are not chasing public perceptions, norms and ideas of beauty at the specific location of Earth and accept themselves as they are, industries for millions would fail.

My interest in marketing appeared two years ago, when I began to realize that with programming only, I will not succeed. Surely there are other areas where I am not good and I need to improve, but marketing proved to be a very interesting area because encompasses everything in the world around us. It is a lot of psychology - not to say it is little more than psychology.

Remember ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Many of you have forgotten it. It was a shining example of a marketing gimmick. I guess the organization that combat Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is paid for inventing the action to incite awareness, perhaps the first who have poured water on his head. From there, everything happens automatically, on autopilot, like a tsunami. People around the world began to pour water on their heads. From there it appeared haters and the vortex spun. Absolutely everyone, whether or not responded, heard about the campaign and about the disease and probably a significant part made a donation to the organization.

Did Nintendo paid someone for the current popularity of one of their games? I can not say. Perhaps for promotion in America. It is a fact that became popular here. Massес of people share photos, jokes, skits, videos - as in previous fashion. And there are people involved, people who hate and people who abstain. And here the marketeers used the feelings of the people to spread the word - comparing the futility of the game, as he was with the bucket challenge, real problems waiting to be resolved.

There is no bad publicity. The world is dual - black and white, good and bad. People who develop successful marketing strategies have understood this and used it to their advantage. If you are someone who wants to promote something - that is how - offend the feelings of people, provoke their thinking. Thoughts and feelings are part of the ego - self-perpetuating to burst. If you are a bystander - try to recognize them and to prevent their gravity.

Do you remember the waves of comments - good and bad - for the film Levski, for Cobra, Chrisia, for nursing mothers, for vaccines, for protests and countless more things. The aim of all these is to fill their heads. We stop to think about their own circle of influence - the things that we can do something that will result, and enter the endless stream of aimless argumentation and involvement feelings.

In 2010, Eric Schmidt - CEO of Google - announces statistic that humanity creates such content for two days, anything created since the beginning of civilization as we know by 2000. The amount decreased the quality. As the bugs in the software every time we solve a problem, new ten appear. We leave ourselves to be influenced by the nearby and the distant world. Are we happier with gadgets and technology? We try to fill our minds - to fill it with information, programs and videos pushing from every angle, from any device, games, puzzles, instant messaging and any possible trivial thing.

We allow ourselves to be fascinated by the endless stream of images and we leave someone else to think for us. The trail, which you can leave in the world is unimaginable, it may be much more significant, but it is limited by our own consciousness - how will let somebody else control our own thinking.

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