JSP and PHP Pages with Translate App

There are probably a lot of ways to implement translation in any kind of application. One way that I have done in another example is using Java Property Files. For simple web pages or appications with JSP and PHP pages as user interface layer I have used hash maps with JSP pages or associative arrays with PHP pages.
I’ve implemented two ways of creating a jsp or php page. The first one is creating a single file that contains the page itself (HTML/JavaScript/CSS) and on the top – the translations for all the languages.
The second way to create a jsp or php page is to create a MAP file. This is File that will contain only the translations. It may be included to other pages with standard jsp include or PHP include or include once commands. I personally prefer the second option because it is more manageable but as an option – you have the both choices.
First I’ll check the JSP MAP option
After I save And click generate you can see that now you have a trans.jsp file.
If you don’t want your file to be with the default name you can place a file path in this text box and then the application will generate the file the same as trans.jsp but with the name that you have entered.
The functionality of the PHP VARS options is exactly the same.
Next I will show you the feature to generate a JSP or PHP page When you activate the JSP Page or PHP Page option, on the second tab a text area appears.
In this area you could copy and paste or write some html code. When you are ready there is a button with which you could extract the entered free text as keys for translation. It uses the name you've entered abbove as base for the keys.
I’ll place a directories in the setup tab. I’ll save and I’ll click generate. As you can see a index.jsp and index.php files are generated. You can write a .php or .jsp file path and the application will write to that file.
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