Introduction to Translate Application

Welcome to my tool - Translate Application. Every personal project I have worked on sense my first Android Application is multilingual. You can see it in my site

my Android Applications
The Translation Application itself has translated itself to all the languages I support.

So, this is the main screen of the application. Here you have a list of projects, pages, or whatever you will need to translate.

If you are just starting you could import existing projects from the import button or you could create new list.

On a first screen are listed the current translation targets that the application supports.

Some of them are PHP or JSP pages, Android XML files, iOS strings, JavaScript translation objects, Google Web Toolkit files and – the standard way to integrate multilingual application in Java – Property files.

On the second screen you can see a text area.
It could be used for several of the translation objects like the web pages. And below there is a table with the keys you have for translation. You could add, filter and remove them from this list.

On the third tab are the possible languages that you could translate to.

In the PRO license of the application you could use the translations that I have on my server. The list is not so big but it will grow with the time.

In the PRO MAX license of the application you could configure and use Google Translate.

And in the fourth tab you could generate the file or files that you have chosen in the first tab.
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