Heal Your Life

The following book that I would like to present is "Heal Your Life" Louise Hay. It focuses on the personal psychology and the effect of it on ourselves and others at a health level and more. The book provides correspondences between diseases and psychological conditions that cause them, the organs in the body that get sick from a specific "program", which we installed in our heads. Like everything else, everyone has the posibility to accept or reject the allegations described in the book.

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"Each of us has a 100% responsibility for all their experiences. " - This thesis appears in many books on personal development and for a good reason. Our health and our well-being depends on us.

"Let go of the past, leave it. Take back our own forces. Do not think constantly about what you do not want to happen. Use your mind to create what you really want. " - Do you control your own thoughts? If your mind wanders, it is not your servant.

"The pain of any kind is an indication of guilt. It always seeks punishment, which leads to pain. " - If you do not accept things as they are, this creates artificial tension both inside and in the world around you and it hurts you and the others around you.

"No person, no place and no property have no power over us, as we are only one thinking in our mind. " - We, our consciousness creates that connection.

"we ourselves create all so-called "diseases" in our body. And, like everything else in our life, it is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. "

"Accusations are useless. They only deprive us of our own strength. Keep your power. Without it we can not make changes. Helpless victim can not find a way out. " - There is no winner in the dance of search of guilty. If you blame someone around you, it almost always generates a collision. Instead, you can try to create a relationship of partnership. The partnership is always better than the competition. If you are looking for guilt outside your circle of influence, you just totally give up your own strength and energy.

"The mind is a tool that you can use it in whatever way you want. Just out of habit, you use it in a certain manner, and the habits can be changed. It is enough to wish to do that or understand that it is possible. "

"The whole theory of this world is useless if you do not know how to implement it and achieve change. " - If we emphasize fully to the actions, we are likely to fail many times before succeed. If we achieve relative balance in this respect we can achieve the optimum result.

" It is useless to try to remove the consequence, without thinking about how to eliminate the cause. Once weaken the voluntary effort and discipline, the symptoms will reappear. " - Majority of medicine nowadays seems focused on the treatment of diseases. It has the power to prevent the death, but if people insist on the causes of the diseases, they will not appear at all.

"To be constantly angry to me is like to sit in the corner with a hat pulled over your eyes. "

"to blame someone is one of the safest ways to not resolve the problem. When blame on another person, we deny our own strength. " "

" "Cleaning" of the mind. Now is the time to examine in detail our past and insight into some of the beliefs that govern us. " - The state we are now is a result of our thoughts and actions in the past. If we change the thoughts, we can change the actions, and create a different future.

"Criticism grabs us exactly to this model that we want to change. When we understand ourselves and manifest peace, we are helping to get rid of it. "

"Every thought that passes through our minds build our future. " - Whatever you think, whether positive or negative thing, it is better to be careful and depending on our mental adjustment - to take control over your thoughts, because we thought would become a reality.

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