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Going to bed early

Most people at the end of the day does not have any life energy. Watching TV or a movie, scrolling on Facebook, etc., among the usual activities of ordinary people. Then they try to reduce stress, and they gathered to entertain themselves with the fact that interesting. Others use this time to devote time to personal projects in order to complete the little things to improve something in the environment where they live. For the second group of people, perhaps the best strategy, but not to stay up late and work with virtually the last forces they have, it is better to go earlier and get up earlier. Thus, they will use the time they have more energy to perhaps the most important thing for them.

This habit has a healthy effect. Man was created biologically work during the day and rest at night. At night, a person activates the pineal gland and produces melatonin, a hormone that mentions the destruction of harmful substances in the body and thus improves the health and energy of the people who respect the natural cycle of sleep and wakefulness.
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