God always travels incognito

The book "God always travels incognito " may disappoint people who would expect to have something religious in it. It presents the story of a young man on the path of personal development.

Being weak and humble is not a virtue. If you really have good intentions (which are also the main character in the book), just with opposition upstream and actions against the status quo will be able to bring grace to all. Nobody will win by doing Mother Teresa - neither you nor your friends nor the environment.

Have you experienced such a strong love sorrow and disappointment that fall into deep depression to the extent constantly crying to samosasipvate, thinking all the way to samoobiystvo? Well, you can rest assured. Many people have experienced similar feelings. The time of Romeo and Juliet are gone long ago. This occurs when a person in momentum to love the other, forgetting their value. Paradoxically, precisely this excessive affection repels more the other. It is not sexy or attractive both male and believe and female perspective to be so emotional and dependent on the other to slit his veins, mind and that the other is still and will remain alive. To love is a voluntary action. How to expect the object of your desires that will love him, not even love yourself enough.

"There are no major problems, there are only small people."

This applies equally strong personal and official problems. If you are a weak person, it will attract both halves that from your point of view will be "bad" and such employers and clients. Your inner strength, courage, energy and attitude is the key to success in every respect. As Jim said Ron:

Do not ask for an easier life, ask you to be better. Do not ask fewer problems, wish you to be more adept and capable. Do not covet fewer challenges - a wish you to be wiser. "

So whatever comes to your head, not smart enough, strong and brave, so that nothing can stand in your way undecided, or at least not capable shook your inner peace.

"Life is not a theory. I believe only in the power of progress on the ground experience. That can really change a person. Everything else is nonsense and intellectual masturbation."

This quote strongly supports action to only learning, as well as critics and speaking.

"Imagine what will be your life when nothing in the world can not make you feel bad."

This is the moment when your inner consciousness has reached a peak, so that it is self-reinforcing and independent of the environment.

"Freedom is in us, must come from us not expect to show up somewhere outside"
"Any change has to come from you, not outside. Neither any organization nor any government, a new boss, union or a new partner will change your life"

This is a quote from Buddha, which is discussed in the book in the context of the growth pinned hero.

"The main difference between child and adult is that the child wants to develop. Adult doing everything possible to not change. If you want to be young throughout their lives continue to grow, to learn, to discover and do not hang in habits that sclerosing spirit in mind-numbing comfort of already known. "

The desire for peace, tranquility and peace can be part of the purpose of man, but sometimes it just masks the fear. You can read about human motivators Money: Master the game

"I feel that it is useful to step back to ask about the meaning of our actions."

Very useful mental activity, I'm trying to embed and I in him.

"Daredevil coward dies a thousand times again, the one with courage dies ones."

It takes courage to change ourselves, to overcome their fears and as a consequence, to change the world.

"The only way to succeed is to meet face to face with reality to face the object of their fears, while fears disappear, not to shrink into a refuge that can only to reinforce your fear of the unknown."

"I'm no expert, but I have no recollection Jesus told: Love me. However, I am convinced that is said to love one another."

I recently heard this statement:
Aggression beyond the need for self-preservation is characteristic of complexed societies. Examples in history and in the present world - a lot.
In addition, the book gives the idea that religion at its core there is no requirement to visit a certain place or to keep certain rituals. Suffice it to observe the fundamental principles enshrined in them.

"Do you press down, it repels them. For this not to pinch and pull."

This is a strategy that comes in the book. If you simply criticize, you will not achieve much. If you criticize constructively offering what and especially how - with a plan step by step - to change something much more valuable to the other person. Whether you will succeed, however, it is important and what makes the other person to realize the actions performed. This can be crucial if the other person will accept our advice or not.

"Know that you can not change people. You can show them the way and try to inspire them, but the desire to go on path is in their hands."

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