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If you think more seriously, anyone who understands IT can realize that the Internet consists of its vast majority of applications to databases and only a fraction of static files. The core of any larger site or portal is the insertion, editing, deleting, and reading of records by thousands and millions of users.

The next layer is the algorithm that processes the data. At least for now the standard software tools can not generate code that performs strictly specific logic. In the future this can change with the introduction of increasingly sophisticated algorithms, machine learning, the implementation of more and more mathematical and formal models in executable programs.

The last layer is the "visualization". This layer seems to me that the human factor will hardly shift. Under visualization you can consider - text, images, video and audio. Accordingly, every format can be played by different devices and interfaces - mobile phones, computers, simpler gadgets that contain only a few of the functionalities of the smart devices, and so on.

The next developer tool I've created is to generate code to databases. Whatever idea I think about in the future, to a small or larger degree I will need a database to store some data model and program layer to work with it. With this tool I will be able to generate at least one third of the program code and I will be able to focus on real programming business logic. The tool is actually time saver - just like my previous tool - for managing translation

On the first screen you can see the data model I used for the tool itself.
Create a Model from the Application Interface

In the current version 3, the app is now generating not only Java but also PHP and Android code.

The result in the browser of the generated code - the ability to perform the basic operations on the data defined in the picture. For a slightly better view, I implemented the Boostrap library in PHP and JSP pages to have the screens with a slightly better view.

After using the tool to create some ideas in my head, I can develop the tool in several ways - adding more programming languages, platforms and libraries, or developing the tool to generate a finished executable file. For now, the balance in my head is tilting more towards the second idea. I will be glad if I get feedback - what you would need to give it priority and the tool to do the work for you too.
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