Fully Generated Prototype Apps - To-Dos V1

To-do apps are – mostly – still – simple single Data Models Apps with endless variations in terms of user interface design, user experience, navigation, animations and so on. I’ve seen visual grouping of items in done/not done, by date (today/past/future) or with simple list. The To-do app I’ve made – forced me to think of extending the Data Model List Item Design.

Today my Prototype Studio supports list items:

  • Simple Text One Text
  • Two Texts (in two different rows) Two Texts
  • Checkbox and Text Checkbox and Text
  • Text and Checkbox Text and Checkbox
  • Image and Text Image and Text
  • Text and Image Text and Image
  • Image and a Column with two texts Image and Column with two Texts
  • Column with two texts and Image Column with two Texts and Image

I could extend the list endlessly and I’ll add more when I need such, but, for now, these are some of the basic, popular user interface designs of list item.

The To-do app designed in offline Native Android tool or in the offline Flutter Web tool – requires you to add first the text, because I haven’t moved the design functionality there. If you create it yourself – getting yourself dirty with programming code – with my Generator App, it will be just change one component’s view.

Android Generator:

Flutter Web App:

The above designs are taken into account in my Prototype Studio V2 – that creates apps that are oriented – creating apps for access to your data models after authentication.

Available version for the To-Do App V2 are – Flutter Web and Flutter Android.

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