Fear of GMO

Are you afraid of GMO products? I am not afraid. I don’t hate the corporations, that are creating and producing them, because for me, I have realized the reason for their existence in the world.

In the idea and in the birth of the Genetically Modified Organisms maybe and probably is rooted a good, positive intention – the production of bigger and bigger quantity of food, so the food is so much that no human being starves and dies from not having enough food. As every other good invention, this technology does not makes exception. GMO can be used in a good manner and in bad ways. This is human nature.

The GMO food is (probably) mostly plant based. It is modified artificially so it can bring bigger yields of crops, so it can be more enduring to the climate, weather conditions and animal vermin that could attack or eat them. One other way that GMO food is consumed is throughout eating meat of animals that were being fed mostly by GMO products. As the smartest heads in the science-field said – The energy never vanishes away to nothing – it only transforms itself to something else.

The reason the GMO exists as something bad in the world isin our psychology,the fault is in everyone of us,in the longing for more and more – as well as food as of profits, luxury, gadgets and all kind of stuff we don’t need, it is in our lust for power and control.The food nowadays has been transformed not in something essential for the human organism, so we can be healthy, strong and sane, but in packaged product – like everything else on the market.Our world is becoming more and more “modernized”. We have forgotten where we have started from.When there is longing for eating and consumption, or more correctly said – lack of self control and allowing the corporations to influence our minds from the one side, there will appear and will rise a person that is gutsy, greedy and grasping to offer you what you want, or what you allowed others to say you want.This way the democratic world is transformed into a market economy. It is close to the truth to say that there is no democracy, only the reign of the market. The whole point of the economy is deteriorated – it chases bigger and bigger financial growth and profit, and rarely and mostly does not chase human health, well-being, resistance and stability – like in the way it is in the nature.

The fear is one of the most widespread feelings that is used by the media, the journalists, the popular figures - for conquering and paralyzing the minds of the people, The fear draws pictures of apocalyptic end of the world, instead of showing practical, realistic actions, that can be executed by every person and that could have effect on each person. In the food space, instead of complaining about GMO, corporations, investigations and stuff - it is better to put a seed in the soil and water it until it grows - clean food.

The feelings of the human being are also related to his illnesses and to the bad states of his physical body, that he is worrying about. This is called Nocebo-Effekt (anti-placebo). Worrying never helps with absolutely nothing – it only causes more problems. This is the reason I am not afraid of GM Os (and not only). The feeling of negative feelings can be the cause of the appearance of these diseases, that you worry about. This negative state also paralyzes the practical and meaningful actions that we can all take NOW, and in the future. The negative vibes very often are the cause that we don’t go out of our comfort zone and not do the things that will improve our state – stop consuming bad food and start to actually practice the good for the health habits. Our organism often gets ill gradually. For that reason I have decreased the hate, the worrying and complaining about GMO products. The corporations cannot apply force and power and make mandatory, to absolutely all citizens of the earth, to eat their food. WHERE. I have control what food will I put in my mouth, I have control from which supermarket or which person I will buy the food that I eat. I can totally grow my own food, so I can be close to 100% sure that the final product that I create does not have any nitrates or GM Os. This is a matter of personal choice and awareness for every single not imprisoned by the law person on Earth.

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