Drinking a glass of water

Drinking water is vital to almost every living creature. At the same time, drinking too much water at once is not so useful. For this it is better to drink often - less quantity. It's a habit that I hardly applied without using the app, and when I could think of, I had to drink a bit more to reach the required amount. Much information can be found about the benefits of drinking water. Some of them are:

  • weight loss - helps metabolism and disposal of surplus stocks in the body;
  • It has health effects - on the gastrointestinal tract, the circulatory and nervous system, skin and hair;
  • It provides energy for the normal and efficient operation of human organs.

Personally, I mostly drink tap water, which I filter through a filter jug. Furthermore, I use and kettle, which has a network in the hole for spilling, who also does some some work. After two weeks of warm water without clean thermals begin to appear boilers formations size 1 mm. So - I mix hot and cold water in a cup, often with a slice of lemon, and the water is very pleasant to drink.
On drinking drinks that contain water, everyone can judge for themselves. One can convince himself, the people around him, even his own body, but can not escape the result of his own actions.
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