Do You Want Golden Eggs or Golden Chickens

Don’t count your eggs until the chicken’s laid them. - Anonymous

One day, a huge alien ship arrived on planet Earth. The aliens on the ship surveyed humankind and were so moved by the poverty they saw. They pitied the poor so much, they decided to help. They left behind one of their very special chickens. Looking around, the aliens chose Mang Pong, a very poor farmer, to receive their wonderful gift. And in the middle of the night, they teleported this chicken to the backyard of Mang Pong. And in a blink of an eye, the ship rocketed away to a far, distant galaxy.

When Mang Pong woke up the next morning, he discovered the strange-looking feathered creature at the back of his little hut. “Where did that weird animal come from?” Mang Pong asked. “It’s extra-large and has golden-colored wings!” But then something even weirder happened. When the chicken stood up, Mang Pong saw a shiny egg underneath it, glimmering under the sun. The chicken just laid a golden egg! Boy, was Mang Pong excited. He rushed out, sold the golden egg and bought lots of food, new clothes and new furniture for his tiny house. Life was great that day!

The following month, Mang Pong couldn’t believe his eyes. Because the chicken laid another golden egg! So he ran to town, sold again the golden egg, and bought an iPod, a laptop, a Jacuzzi and a 60-inch plasma TV. Ah yes, life was becoming very sweet for Mang Pong.

And when the third month came, he already expected the egg. And he sold the golden egg and bought more stuff. But the next day, Mang Pong grew very impatient. He realized that he had to wait for another month for the next egg. But he wanted buy his own personal helicopter and his very own private helipad. He badly needed more golden eggs.

And then he had a brilliant idea — or so he thought. You see, Mang Pong wasn’t very bright. He said, “Where are these eggs coming from? From inside the chicken!” So he grabbed the alien chicken, got his sharpest knife, and cut it open. But alas, Mang Pong didn’t find a single golden egg inside. And the alien chicken was now dead! Mang Pong cried at the loss of his chicken and all her golden eggs. And slowly, the farmer had to sell his clothes, his furniture, his iPod, his laptop, his Jacuzzi, and his wide screen TV. And in a year, the farmer became very poor again.

One day, as he walked around town depressed, he met one person who had become very rich. And the man was thanking him profusely.

“Why are you thanking me?” he asked.
“Remember the golden egg you sold me?” he said.
“Yes, of course,” Mang Pong said.
“Well, the egg hatched…” he said.
“What do you mean the egg hatched?” the farmer asked.
“I placed it in an incubator. After 12 months of care, it hatched and out came a chicken. A very special chicken. It’s extra-large and has golden wings. But more importantly, it lays golden eggs!”

Mang Pong could only stare in disbelief. Every egg he sold — given the right conditions — could have become a chicken. Oh, if only he kept the eggs and made it hatch — then he would have had many chickens laying golden eggs for him every day.

After many years, the alien ship returned to planet Earth. They were happy to discover some had become wealthy. The rich were those who owned chickens that laid golden eggs. But they were also sad that many remained poor, including Mang Pong.

Every golden egg has a chicken inside. Do you have money right now? Inside every coin and paper bill is a money machine. You just need to “incubate” it for sometime. So you always have a choice. You can “spend” the egg or you can make the egg become a chicken.

How many of you are praying for a house? How many of you are praying for a car? Do you want to make that happen? I’ll teach you to adjust your prayer. Don’t just pray for a house or a car. Because if you do, this is what will happen:

Mike says, “Lord, give me a car!”
And kaboom, the car appears in front of him.
But in no time, he’ll have more needs. Very quickly, he’ll be praying, “Lord, give me gas!” Soon, he’ll also pray, “Lord, give me money for the tune up and change oil.”
The car that was a blessing has become a burden.

I believe wealth consists of two things. First, having a mindset to create money. Second, having an ability to create money. But wealth is not owning golden eggs. Wealth is owning the chicken that lays the golden egg.

The wealth, success and everything in life is a matter of mindset. Even if there was a way to magically distribute the wealth of the Earth to everybody, after some period of time everything will back to how it is now. So, the next time when you search the fault in the politicians , in the Illuminati, in the society or other, first look at yourself.

Another lesson is the emphasis on spending. Nowadays a lot of emphasis on this to follow your dreams, start your own business, but more important is how we spend money. The difference could be in whether you get egg or chicken. Whether we will be chicken or we will own one.

The tale reminded me about how not to cease to read fairy tales (and not only) and to be open to the world as children. We grow up, forsaking to be openminded, we become "serious," but if we can take the right lessons we can save a life spent in things that will not matter.

The tale is present in the book Choose to be rich - 8 Habits of happy millionaire. In the future I will make a further review of the book.

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