Developer's Life February 2019

Here is my progress for this month on things:

I developed a little bit more the GeneratorApp Android – for Non-Developers – output of the core of the work I’ve done the recent years – an app that let users create their own Data Models with their own fields and the result of my tool is an app that has the – Create, Read, Update, Remove Operations on records that have the fields the user have defined. The features for this month are:

  • Added Create Relations Between Data Models Feature
  • Improvements on the Input Fields
  • Entering Duplicate fields prevention

For purpose of the above, I’ve created an Internal VM with Jenkins Continuous Integration with tasks for building some small internal stuff + the most important – a task with CRON timer – that gets the models from the GeneratorApp Android server, builds APK files and uploads them back for download by the users of my non-developer app. In the following month I’ll probably continue to add more Jenkins tasks increasing more whatever I can automate – verification of features, tests, builds, deployments, regular tasks, etc.

The code that creates the above is coming from the GeneratorApp For Developers. The GeneratorApp this month includes:
– The code of the above features (for Android)
– Code for Managing Relations with Flutter
Angular SQ-UI Theme update

Besides all the above, I’ve finished a lot of bug fixes in the GeneratorApp, and I’ve made a little bit less blog posts, podcasts and videos, because of my mind buried under the programming code. I am searching for designer or a marketer. I’ve got some denials already, and some semi-opened answers, but I’ll continue ahead with the current ideas in mind – doing more articles, podcasts, videos as possible, looking up for User eXperience ideas for Web, Desktop, and mostly for Mobile, that I could integrate into all of my creations on my own.

From the branding and marketing side – I’ve started digging more into the hash tags of the top Social Medias Sites and trying to find questions, comments, articles, images and whatever, where technical stuff is under the microscope and whenever possible, I’ve added my own “two cents” comments – in maybe around 40-50 small threads, haven’t counted them all – that are contextual, guiding, helpful, funny, or technically related. That are the two ways of interacting with the online world – creating your own stuff – content and products – putting it to the world and sticking around the feedback, and giving comments and positive thoughts on other people’s creations.

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