Define the priorities and prioritization of the tasks

When planning the priority of your tasks, it is an important to keep balance. I see two main aspects in this regard.
The first is the prioritization between work and family. For many, the balance in this direction is very difficult, close to impossible to achieve, so it is important at least to try. In this respect, we can do several things:

  • to determine time for work and time for family in the daily and weekly schedule;
  • to try to identify things that add value and which do not add value at work and in relationships with family and to take the necessary steps so that the time you spend adds more value;
  • avoid negative people, or those who simply suck all our energy;
  • delegate tasks that are of lesser importance to you to other people as far as possible;
  • do not forget that we ourselves are valuable. Neither work nor family will not escape. It is important to take time for yourself.
The second aspect is a so-called matrix of priorities. Tasks, especially those in work, could be certificated as:
  • tasks with low or high priority;
  • tasks with high or low importance.
  1. first tasks are high priority and high importance;
  2. secondly are those with a low priority, but still with high importance. These may be tasks that will save us time and effort in the future or these that will benefit as in the future.
  3. thirdly, there are tasks that are of high importance, but low priority;
  4. and fourth place are the tasks that are low priority and low importance. Such tasks that we could safely postpone or not do without a negative result.
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