Breathe In

Are you aware what is important for your health? High quality food, physical exercises, mental and emotional balance and intelligence about everything in life, but what about the air that we breathe? You usually don't eat all the time. You don't exercise without stop, but if you are alive, you breathe! Are you aware of its quality? Maybe, but maybe not. 

Air pollution occurs when chemicals or particles are introduced into the Earth's atmosphere. They pose serious health and environmental threats. Some air pollutions comes from natural sources but most air pollution results from human activities. However, they remain invisible to the naked eye.

Making the Invisible Visible

Networks of air quality sensors can be found in cities throughout the globe, as well as a growing number of self-made particle sensors. Incorporating and visualizing the collective data is the first step to increasing public awareness of air pollution and its detrimental effects on our health. 

Making a Difference 

This application uses data from Luftdaten - an ambitious project that began 2 years ago in Stuttgart, Germany. Concerned about what they saw as deficiencies in official monitoring, German citizen scientists developed a tool for measuring airborne particulates that anyone can build. 

Taking Action

Public awareness is the first step towards taking definitive action against air pollution. Making public transit cleaner and more attractive, reducing the impact and appeal of driving, making urban logistics cleaner and more efficient and encouraging active travel and participation with actions in what matters to your health are just a couple of the long-term goals set by this project. 

We are what we breathe.

Breathe out.

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