Break from computer work

We are not machines. We're not made up to work, to play, to do anything without a break. Especially when working, in a certain point stress begin to appear, and also mental and emotional interlock, which prevents us from working. It is good to work without distracting so we may become better at the thing we do so we can become more efficient at the same time it is good to define some moments of rest. From personal experience I can confirm that it is in breaks from computer work when many ideas and solutions are born and continue to be born. In the rest time I usually go to the toilet or bathroom, eat fruit or vegetable, do a small task that does not require me putting a lot of thought - laundry, clothesline, tea, going to the store and so on.

There is a huge matter how I will lighten my thoughts and senses. Scrolling social networking, surfing the Internet or watching a movie are not the things that have an effect on the productivity of my work afterwords.

The frequency of breaks is 5-10 minutes each hour. In this sense, my application helps me a lot to integrate other good habits, because usually as I came more concentrated I ignore the passing of time. Not accidentally, many people identify the Internet as a separate reality almost independent of space-time in which we find ourselves.

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