BitSy - Synchronize Your Personal Files

My next application is available. It is an application for locally synchronizing files - for now for desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac) and for Android. It says BitSy. In its first version it has two elementary screens. I foresee adding more after fixing the maximum number of bugs that I could and I will add more functionality and this post will be updated gradually after every significant update.


The first and main screen has several buttons in the action bar.
Switch off - to exit the application, and if you want you can leave the app running on the background.
Add device - this button in most cases, should not you be needed. It serves to manually add a device with which you want to synchronize your files. This may be necessary if your device is connected to a Wi-Fi sub-network, and you want to connect to a PC in another LAN.

Search - button to find other devices to run the application BitSy. Using this button you can save yourself manually adding devices.

Once you find another device that has the application BitSy, you have the opportunity to connect to it.

Once you're connected you are offered:
To change the name of the device. The default name comes from setting up your remote computer or the name of your phone.
Configure Folder - this button starts a new screen. For him shortly.
synchronize immediately- This button starts the synchronization process.
In the current version is only possible to synchronize manually.

On this screen the add buttons add directories.After selecting the directory it is necessary to load corresponding directory on the other machine.
Currently you can choose an unlimited number of pairs of folders to be synchronized and the regime is bidirectional. In the future, I will add an option for one-way synchronization.

The application is available only recently and is in BETA stage.

That means - if you want to say to sync your photos, just in case make a folder DCIM1, copy your photos there, set it as a folder for synchronization of BitSy and press sync now.

Any feedback, suggestions and comments are welcome. In any case, do not use with files and directories that you do not backup or copy somewhere else until iztestvano and improved accordingly.

Here is a video presentation:

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