Better Habits

What is the habit?

Routinely, unconscious action. Like the programs that run on the background on your computer without noticing them, when you start it. Do you drink coffee every morning with a cigarette in the hand, with company with which gossip, do you eat dessert after each main meal, or are you aiming always to be on top of the fashion - the latest technology, the most fashionable clothes and so on.
Do you really need all the stuff?

Has it happened to you to lock the door and go back because you can not remember whether you've locked? Or you cooked and after that you do not remember if you turned off the stove.

These are examples of actions influenced by the environment in which we live - family, friends, society. We make them so much and they become part of us without realizing it.

Common goal to all of us is that we want to be good - not to get sick, to be healthy, energetic, to enjoy life.

However, we should ask do we analyze, what is necessary to achieve it?

Success and failure are not something accidental. They are a prerequisite of the things we do every day.
In the world before us lived millions if not billions of people. We can draw from this almost infinite resource and see what successful people are doing and what the not so successful.

This does not mean not to be ourselves, but simply to recognize patterns of thinking and behavior of all the people before us and see what was the result. Then we can decide what is for us and what is not.

  1. First - we must know what we should do. That is the theory.
  2. The next step is the most important - that many people do not execute it - take new actions and make it a habit.

Some time ago I watched a webinar about successful habits of Miroslav Zaporozhanov and I was inspired to make an application for Android , to remind me to do things that I was doing rarely before.

Once you set initially when to notify you - its main function - remind you about the habits and mark them as completed or not can be performed without ever opening the app - using the buttons available in the notification area.

Since then I began to collect a small database of habits that are common to healthy and successful people. Some of them I am gradually implementing in my daily life with the help of the application. Whether they are successful is really subjective. Everyone can judge whether they are or not by himself.

In the next few articles I will write a few sentences about each of the habits of the application in this blog.

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