Backuper is a desktop application that can compress your working folders into an archive and move them to another location. I personally use a folder in my Dropbox account but you could use any other service. You could also setup which days at what time the backups will be executed. Executing manual backup is available also.

The application comes in two versions Free and Pro.

  • A Free Version – that is limited to one folder.
  • In the Pro Version there is no limit to the number of folders to backup and also:
    • You could setup a password that will be used for protecting the archive.
    •  If you need daily versions of your work, then the application could create archives containing the date in the name of the backup and it will delete them when the number of files becomes greater than the configured number.

The free version is available from here:

Here is how the application looks like.

This is the main screen – the list with the backup tasks. You can edit the task mode, the protection, the source and the target folder from the list directly by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Main (List) Screen

This is the edit screen with all the fields of the task.

Edit screen

When you close the window, the application keeps running and you can exit or resume it from the tray icon.

Tray Icon

From here you can also change the language of the application.

Language Menu

You can buy the paid version here:

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