Algorithm of success

Two or three years has passed from the moment I started to search all subjects related to personal development. I came to the conclusion:

The only way to change the world is to change yourself.

The information in the world and the possible perspectives are infinite. To limit the information that accept only a limited amount of resources and not wanting to look at things in a different perspective is a sign that you are in the Matrix. Exactly when you see the world in different perspectives, hear different opinions, you can build a little more objective view. You can stop the sources of information that do not serve you, and later the sources that serve you because you will have acquired a stable personal point of view, which will be based on common principles that are unshakable.

I read and I continue to read a lot of books - Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, George Klein, Andy Andrews, Harv Eckert, I follow the social profiles of some of them, and the profiles of Grand Cardon, Gary Vaynerchuk and several Bulgarian people trying to make a living by promoting personal development - Miroslav Zaporozhanov Iuli Tonkin.

Whichever of them all will choose as a source of information you will reach common principles and rules that are repeated. Some of them I exported in one of my Facebook album:

It seems as if the world is not as deterministic and to succeed in life [or at least the popular idea of ​​success] should just fulfill certain algorithm - a sequence of actions that are "correct."

To acquire knowledge, but not to act is tantamount to profligacy. Wasteful of time we have on Earth. Our western society is built so that if you go into the rails you will spend 16 years gathering knowledge. You will then get into some other tracks whose purpose is not to do actions that are inherent the most to you as a person, but to make money, which you can then spend for pleasure, as long as you have left strength and energy for it, which is silly.

There is difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Do you know what the road is not enough. One can hear good idea hundred times and still not perceive it as a part of yourself unless you are experienced physically and emotionally with your body. The real key to success is to get feelings, energy and passion into the equation.

Dream without action is fantasy. Put your purpose on paper and begin. Do not think too long. Do not plan too much. Do not dream endlessly. Being a visionary is not enough - action is necessary . Sometimes you will stumble and will not do the "right" thing and it will be part of the growth in life. This is the process of transforming knowledge into wisdom.

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