2019 – Year in Review

I cannot tag my personal year 2019 as successful/good one. A lot of things happened, several major changes and the self-development, philosophical realizations and awakenings went in direction that for the past year didn’t produce any significant results. I will try to implement some of them in reality and materialize in actions within the power and strength of my avatar (body, mind, soul).

Last year was a Fight for the health – I had too many visits to hospitals (and I’m not a medical person). When health and life is at stake - all other resources are put to direction of well being. I should be glad I was only an accompanying person. And some of the visits were without me personally – my family and relatives went alone. What I am thankful about – is that with all the visits all the “reasons” for the visits are still alive. We have chances to improve, to cure, to make everything well and good again.

Because almost everyday I spend some time about the issues with the close ones – I distanced myself from friends and known ones – in the salsa environment and in programming, technology and others. Very few – probably in the palm of one hand – know the whole picture. Some friends know some parts of it. I don’t see it as something cool or something – to brag about what I have been through. Some “friends” stopped being in my circle after I minimized the salsa time and magically they stopped communicating with me all together. Bare in mind – I am still online – on computer or on phone while I am AFK. And no matter this – some old friends are still there, some relatively new ones are still sticking around, and a lot are gone.

My soul journey continued with realizations – with the help of the above events and reactions – and with the discoveries of my philosophical searches. I haven’t added any big spiritual or philosophical name that I follow the past year. I realized some of my attachments to the mental constructions this year and I tried to detachment from them (maybe a little bit too much). This is a whole new topic – the endless attachment and detachment to things – material, platonic, psychological, spiritual and so on – that I’ll probably describe in another post/article.

In programming aspect - the past year I’ve moved ahead with using jenkins, docker, timed jobs and tasks and automated some of the work. Besides that, from purely user perspective (non inside, non developer) – most of my projects are on stand by. I check them from time to time – is everything still up and running. I am continuing work on one of the projects – trying to repackage and improve it in new, creative way.

The work on that last piece of the past personal projects is because I recognize the similarities of it with all the Internet big platforms and it could have a potential in my mind. It is with far less marketing than I wish. And Marketing is important. It is not just the content, the users, the UI/UX. Finding the thing that has practical use by others is and should be first. And then code should be second – after proof that some non-technical individual needs and will actually use the software.

In year 2019 I learned Flutter Framework by implementing several personal projects and integrating it in some several more. This year (2020) I will probably continue work with it, realizing totally that it may have short to medium life. Google has a history of abandoning non-commercialized products. The Internet itself is evolving and while the masses are sticking to the smartphones – the framework will probably not die. But what lies ahead is – augmented reality and virtual reality (glasses and apps), voice assistance and integrations, the browser may evolve so much that all the old ways of doing things may get deprecated. Several individuals with B in the bank accounts are investing in tech for brain to computer interfaces that – if successful without the need of surgery – may totally eradicate the user interface as a concept. So – let’s hope these times come and get interesting, instead of attach to the old and we – become – tech dinosaurs.

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