Zero Limits

Does someone questions what are the limits. The astronauts who go beyond Earth do not see borders between countries, but the Earth as a whole. If we try to look at a very low level in the elements of which we are made, we will see that we represent energy - "vibrating" particles (particles that sometimes appear, then disappear). What creates borders - I, you, the computer, the tree is our own consciousness. The moment we start to realize that thought, is described in many philosophical and spiritual teachings. The practical application of this in the society is recognizing and crossing the borders, which are made by us and the society. The result is that - we create our own reality.

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"We live in a universe that is clouded in beliefs. Change your beliefs and you will get a different universe. " - Belief - this is the limit that we have set.

"Self sabotage is nestled deep within each of us. " - We self sabotage ourselves when we set ourselves limits, something that is not possible, that we are not yet perfect.

"All you have to do is look in the mirror and love yourself - no matter what he says the rest of the world. " - Recognize the limitations that the environment puts on you and surpass them. The moment you begin to love yourself is the moment when you will not care what people think of you and cross the border with courage and confidence.

"The mainstream media are not intended to communicate positive news. They want to be scared to buy products of their advertisers. " - Watching TV even five minutes is bad for you. The last time I watched TV, they ridiculed to being thankful that you have a car, without thinking how many people do not have a care and how many people have problems with the musculoskeletal system. However they talked a lot about games for millions. When a person is thankful for the things in life, he begins unconsciously to be happy with what he has, and this is not useful for the advertisers in television and the Internet. At the same time they advertise fast cash loans and lotteries. If money is so easy, "those" have long been bankrupt. If you read the biography of Bill Gates - even one of the richest people in the world has spent years learning and "tinkering" in computers and computer science.

"It's not about people, It's about the program. " - Assuming a Human (Politician, Actor, Friend) or a thing (Television, Internet, Facebook or whatever) as bad we are still limiting our beliefs in our heads. We must learn to look with an idea from the aside, the big picture.

"Most of us only act; we do not even act; we respond to other people react to thoughts react to newsletters, respond to life. " - Are you involved only when there is an unfortunate event? Are you happy only when there is a good event? Build life and happiness from the inside out. Then the action is less likely to be reactive and more likely to be proactive in charge of your own emotions and values, not the values ​​and emotions of someone else.

"Clarity is the most important asset in your life. " - When you are aware of things in your life it is likely to take a conscious, proactive decision and actions. When you are not aware, you just react to things happening around you.

"If you think that someone else is guilty or believes that others are responsible for your life, then really you are powerless to do anything. "
The first thing to which people resist is to take full responsibility for everything in their life. - Our ego plays a very bad joke. Not exercising, treading with junk. Blame for our poor state - the middle state, politicians, family, friends. Hey, where were you? You sat on the couch, watching television, or the computer or phone and scrolling in social networks. If you want to have a life that dream, you must roll up our sleeves and waded into insecurity and the unknown, there is nothing sure in this life anyway.

"Fear is just the program. Like software, it is the only installation in your brain - neither good nor bad. " - To define things as good or bad is typical of the ignorant. Smart and wise know that everything happens for a reason and The source of all behavior is caused by some kind of "programming" before.

When the computer of your brain has an active program, you will attract what you love, hate or fear you - and your emotions will activate it. But if you release it if you disable it, you free yourself to be in this moment, to be happy now and let the divine power to inspire you or give you awakening.
When you clean, you do not think.
There is nothing beyond. Everything is inside.
The problem is not out there, it's in us.
Everything is within you. There happen all the problems.
You realize that the problem is inside. No one can make you angry or upset; you make it inside yourself.

To realize that the problems that have currently located inside you, your participation, your mind creates them is extremely difficult. Your life may pass without to reach this conclusion. But if you reach it, you will begin to clean. You will begin to remove the programs in your head, or at least put them in quarantine. At that moment you will clear the "path" from "thorns" and you will begin to spring creativity and imagination and will start to express yourself - who you are.

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