Willpower By Roy Baumeister and John Tierney

In America 40 years ago have made an experiment on the relationship between students who passed their homework on time and those who wear clean socks. The results were that there is an inverse relationship. Students or done their homework, or changed their socks every day, but not both. In a similar experiment put students in two separate groups. One group of them is given and allowed to eat chocolate cookies and the other prohibited. After some time, they were given a task and proved that those who were not allowed to eat cookies with the tasks done more slowly than the other group, which had to use willpower to not attack cookies.

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Steve Jobs This test sounds silly at first, but try to think more deeply. Do you remember the style of dress of Steve Jobs - most times with a black turtleneck. Mark Zuckerberg prefers a gray T-shirt.

Conclusions that can make are very important and can help us to plan properly the day, if we can make conclusions:

  • Each of us has a limited amount of will and energy for the day and they are limited to the advancement of the time we use it.
  • The source of the will and energy for all tasks is the same.
For this evening and is more difficult to started to play sports - after being squeezed during the working day. Evening time is the period when most diets are often violated.
It is better to start with the most important tasks first day. When you become instead to go shopping is better to do creative work, if you have one. Rather than cook, clean and do housework in the morning is better to do their homework.

The next day when you wake up and want to do their tasks:

  • You will start by checking your Facebook profile;
  • Not first read blogs or videos to their friends - this is their more important task is not your;
  • Will not open your email and answer all letters before your done creative work;
  • No more wondering what to eat breakfast - you choose something quickly.
  • Will try to automate the tasks that you take time and that can be automated. Any trivial thing to occupy takes your strength and energy. You can target the most important things for you.

Maybe you should start planning at least partly tasks. And worst performances plan is better than no plan.
Are you trying to do 20 different things and none of them led to finished. Prioritize actions you take during the day.
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